Shaw Navigator

Shaw Navigator
Shaw Navigator Vinyl Plank flooring is a traveler’s dream. Transporting living spaces to the adventure of vessels voyaging on the open ocean to unfamiliar lands, this collection is anything but ordinary. Paying homage to the explorer in all of us, this collection perfectly captures the spirit of discovery with its thrilling wood tones. Designers will be able to boldly allow their imaginations to venture abroad and deliver sophisticated interiors through the use of this thoughtfully crafted vinyl flooring.

Colors like Navigator Celestial resemble tiny, luminescent specs of the moon with small tinges of wood grain that gives any room a contemporary feel. Compass is a standout style that is reminiscent of dark craters on the moon. For everyone who loves a thrill, there is someone who prefers relaxation, colors such as Port give a very modern, understated look to fill that need with its sandy tans and taupe. Navigator Almanac proves to be both original and classical, with chalky hints of charred, mahogany wood, like the weathered deck of a veteran ship bathed in moonlight.

Shaw Navigator Vinyl Plank flooring is 6 inches in width, and 36” long, and a click flooring that allows for simple and quick installation. Anyone who is a fan of doing something their selves will appreciate the simplicity of a floor that be placed in any room within minutes. If you are looking for an effortless and natural upgrade to your home, this quality vinyl flooring is made for you. Just think of it as a trip to the moon, without the rocket ship and moon boots. This collection features a 15 year residential and a 5 year light commercial warranty for those applications with light to medium traffic. Most floating vinyl planks by Shaw also feature coordinating moldings and trim pieces such as a multi-purpose reducer, t molding and quarter round to complete the finishing touches.
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