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Shaw Easy Style

Shaw Easy Style

Shaw Easy Style vinyl plank flooring is a versatile collection that takes out the guesswork for home designers and contractors. The 6 x 36 floor planks are protected by an Armour Bead finish and manufacturer's warranty. As a result, your new floors will withstand spills, dents and foot traffic for years to come. A resilient design is well suited for home or commercial applications.

Three unique color choices with common benefits for separate tastes are available. Each choice fuses stone and wood for a modern surface with weathered charm. You will enjoy the standard benefits of vinyl planks with exquisite design.

The floors are easy to clean and durable against moisture damage. To further customize floor installation; we offer free shipping on Shaw brand accessories with your order. You can select t-moldings, track moldings, adhesives and more. Flooring contractors appreciate that both glue and Versafit installations are available.

This symbiotic brew is seen in Easy Style Coconut Milk 042VF-00163, which has a creamy white shade that pairs well with bold accents on furnishings and fabrics. The marble white shade adds distinction to front rooms or living spaces that form first impressions. Since rooms at the front of your home or office endure heavier traffic; the sturdy build of vinyl plank floors is a wise choice for these spaces.

More traditional designs can turn to Easy Style Ginger 042VF-00605. A neutral profile of dusky beige with gray shades resembles reclaimed beach wood. The balanced color is a stylish foundation for bedrooms or beach inspired bathrooms. You can switch design themes over the years with confidence knowing these versatile floors meet changing tastes.

Five Spice blends steel gray veining with warm highlights for a stark contrast. Each floor plank has a weather battered look tempered by soothing accents. 'A pinch of this and a dash of that' are apparent in this potpourri to match rooms with various identities. For instance, a kitchen that also serves as an entertaining space. Your living spaces will not be pigeon-holed with this eclectic color.

Questions? Please contact us to learn more about Shaw Easy Style vinyl flooring. Our staff is happy to help.

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