Shaw Champion Plank

Shaw Champion Plank

This flooring isnt named Champion for nothingShaw Array Champion PlankLooking for rustic? Maybe modern? Are you looking for residential flooring or commercial flooring? What about an array of colors? If you answered yes to any of these, keep reading!

This LVP collection comes in 8 great colors to choose from. There is theShaw Array Champion Plank Dedication, which is a grey colored wood design with dark grey flowing throughout the design along with beige, etching its way across the design with ease. Willpower is a beautiful piece with mocha colored wood blended with light beige, giving the wood design a freshly cut look. This design in particular transitions between light and dark shades of mocha and beige, so when placed with multiple planks, you have an array of darkening and lightening designs. Marathon is another smoky wood design with varying shades of brown and taupe mixed together, giving the overall color a warm, handsome look. Speed comes in as a heather grey wood with white graining, reminiscent of the bark of an elder tree. Stamina is a golden colored wood design with shades of brown and beige ebbing and flowing throughout as graining is works its way across the wood design. First Place is a dark and darker shades of brown. This chocolate colored wood is scarred with brown so dark its black. Sponsor is another taupe, charcoal grey, and beige carving out a fine antiqued wood design. Worn and scarred,

Blue Ribbon is another antiqued piece with many dark scars on its deep walnut surface.

The Shaw Array Champion Plank comes in one uniform size of 7x48 to make installation a breeze. Tough enough to stand traffic, this flooring is able to be used in both residential and commercial settings. You truly have the best of all worlds with easy installation, money saved, and not having to worry about the hard upkeep needed for other types of flooring.

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