Shaw Architecture

Shaw Architecture
Shaw Architecture porcelain tile flooring is a prime example of what makes this brand of floors superior to others. Providing sharp and inspiring looks with clean lines, this tile is sure to add a touch of refinement to your interior. As the name implies, this collection capitalizes on the very lateral, Euclidean geometry of the edges often found in sleek office complexes. The selection captures the essence of smart business aesthetics of tile flooring and adds a layer of smooth style to produce a look that is both modern and timeless.

Select from five attractive neutral tones: Architecture Carbon, Charcoal, Clay, Ice, and Smoke. Carbon is smooth granite grey, polished to perfection with hints of mineral detail laced throughout each tile and is the perfect option for modern homes or businesses interested in contemporary chic. Charcoal is fine and dark like the material of an expensive suit. All business with mysterious undertones, this tile is a daring choice for a intense, up-to-date interior. Architecture Tile Clay is a charming sandy beige with an elegant surface that will be as appropriate for an executive kitchen as an executive suite. Smoke is a pleasant off-white tile with an ultra-light appearance resembling a muted cream color that is ideal for a fresh contemporary look. Ice is a pure, almost ethereal white with its glossy white appearance--ideal for bathroom needing a bright and buoyant transformation.

Shaw Architecture porcelain is available in squares sized 12x12 and 24x24 as well as large rectangular tiles measuring 12x24. The collection also allows for a great deal of variety and design options through its square and linear mosaic tile offerings. Designers can easily finish their perfect modern look with bullnose trim available for purchase in complimentary colors. Bring home this upscale modern tile today for a bold and enduring floor that is sure to impress.
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