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Shaw Acacia encapsulates the elegance of a hardwood floor while keeping its simplistic and cozy appeal. With this series, creative layout ideas are priority number one. Coming in a handful of distinctive colors, it is specifically made to give you access to the most design routes possible. Similar to its color variation, the sizing of each plank is crafted to enhance your styling mantra. Given a subtle scrape for some texturing design, it has the appearance of authentic hardwood that adds to the look of any space. These features will ensure you have everything you need in order to give your space the flare it needs. Along with the appearance of your space, the durability of this selection is considered higher than most other hardwood flooring options. Engineered to utilize the latest technology available, this series is crafted to be highly substantial and hardwearing. It will hold up much more steadily than regularly engineered hardwood flooring. This will put your mind at ease as you will be able to move more confidently in your home. Another feature emphasizing the easiness of this series is the variation of installation methods you have to choose from. In addition, it can be installed in any part of the home, enabling you to choose just how you want this collection placed in your space. This technology will give you a floor that is beautiful, comfortable, strong, and convenient.


Shaw Acacia is crafted to radiate a refined, tasteful style in any room, home, or business it resides. The coloring variation of this series is top of the line and ready to suit these areas. It comes in four individual shades, each saying something unique and powerful. Another highlight of this series is its versatile sizing. It comes in a customizable length, the width of about six inches and a thickness of about nine millimeters. (6 x 9 mm). This keeps things fresh when it comes to styling and design options. Durability is also a feature that makes this collection so impressive. While crafting each piece, it is given an EnviroCore high density fiberboard and a veneer like top layer to increase the density, hardness, and overall strength of the floor. This technology helps each piece resist damage more effectively than it would otherwise. The installation methods for this collection can be either nail, glue down, staple, or float. Creating a process for you that is accustomed to your taste and convenience. Similarly, it can be installed on the ground floor, the top floor, or the basement of your home. Thus recognizing this series as a hardwood floor that is optimized for your benefit. If you want something as gorgeous as it is practical, this series is something to consider.


This collection displays four wonderful shades and tones in its collection that each have their own aura.
  • Silver is the color you will want to go with if you are wanting a sleek, yet harmonious atmosphere. Its purity in tone reflects a tranquil nature and has a calming presence in any room. Delve into its cloudy appeal and enjoy a peaceful afternoon, rich with balance and contentment. This shade is perfect if you want clarity in any space.

  • Bronze gives the real, authentic hardwood vibe and is fits many different flooring layouts. Rustic in its appeal, this tone is considered to be hardwood royalty as it displays the highest quality in appearance. It has a brown that shines, creating a shiny look that is dignified and distinguishable.

  • Cocoa is a shade that is as visually delicious as it is striking. Its mysterious demeanor gives a sense of privacy and seclusion. Truly giving any home a cabin aura, it is like wandering in the forest. If you want a natural presence, this shade will be something to look at strongly.

  • Midnight is what you want if you are looking for strength in an environment. Its darkness in shade gives a homestead appeal. As beautiful as it is old fashioned, its appeal lies in nostalgia and reminiscence. If you want something that speaks kindly of the past, go with this color.


This series comes with a Limited Residential Warranty with a confidence building 50 years- assuring you that your purchase will outperform and last for generations.

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