San Lorenzo Tile

San Lorenzo Tile
San Lorenzo porcelain tile flooring mixes old world charm and modern engineering for an exquisite look in all of your living spaces. This one­of­a- kind lineup of porcelain tiles is versatile with rich details and intricate patterns that mimic what nature takes years to create. Designers can choose from 7 collections that cross the color spectrum with various sizes and patterns that make it easy to match any décor scheme.

A porcelain tile's size greatly affects the interior design effect you wish to achieve. These seven series of porcelain floor tiles offer many option to suit projects of all sizes. For instance the 12” x 24” size of San Lorenzo Classico helps large rooms feel more inviting while making cramped spaces feel more expansive. Meanwhile the 6”x24” porcelain tiles of San Lorenzo Antique create spatial depth and a welcoming allure in smaller rooms and large spaces alike.

Of course, a porcelain floor tile's color will also have an impact on the design effect you intend to achieve. Designers will find color choices aplenty will this series and each is chock full of intricate details that are one­of­a­kind. Look to the upscale and urban chic tones of San Lorenzo Highland to add luxury in living rooms, master bedrooms and offices.

Meanwhile, the stately tones of San Lorenzo Regal match the namesake with porcelain tiles that have elegant tones to match various décor schemes. For an exotic twist on classic expressions, look to the Spazio or Timberland for looks that take Mother Nature decades to replicate with higher quality.

While there are many choices, these porcelain tile floors do have common benefits. The design is stain and scratch resistant with added assurance against moisture damage. These properties make porcelain floor tiles well suited for bathrooms, kitchens or other spaces with water exposure. In terms of installation, contractors use thin set methods that allow new porcelain tiles to last for years to come under all levels of foot traffic.

Looking for a square footage quote or have product questions? Please call us to order San Lorenzo porcelain tile flooring for all of your living spaces.

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