San Lorenzo Antique

San Lorenzo Antique
San Lorenzo Antique porcelain tile flooring brings together tradition and technology for stunning design effects in all of your living spaces. You can choose from 3 styles of porcelain tiles that meet separate design tastes with fine grain, rich details and charming patterns that replicate what is found in nature. This makes it easy for designers to customize décor schemes with porcelain floor tiles that run the gamut in terms of colors and species.

A wood look porcelain tile's color also affects the interior design scheme you intend to achieve. This charming lineup of porcelain floor tile features shades that cross the color spectrum with accents and patterns that add allure to any room. The 6” x 24” size of these porcelain tiles create unique design effects in rooms of different sizes. For instance, the six inch width creates spatial depth in smaller rooms while making large spaces feel more inviting.

The twenty four inch length also creates a welcoming feel that invites visitors to explore more and draws attention to other aspects of the design setting. Our flooring design experts are happy to suggest what choices from this roster match your project goals.

For a luxurious brown tone that matches granite counters and fine woodwork; consider Antique Dark SLANTDAR624 for bathroom or kitchen floors with moisture resistant properties. Unlike other surfaces, porcelain tile floors repel moisture damage and are resistant to stains or scratches under the heaviest foot traffic.

Looking for a neutral colored porcelain floor tile? Turn to Antique Ginger for a medium brown shade pairs well with changing design trends and tastes over the years. White drapes and beige furniture fabrics create a striking contrast that add definition to a room's design. Conversely, darker colors are a more subtle complement.

Contractors deliver a lasting fit with thin set installation that provides a lasting fit under all foot traffic conditions. A manufacturer's warranty is added assurance that your porcelain tile's surface will endure years of use.

For a square footage quote; please contact us to buy San Lorenzo Antique porcelain tile flooring. We will answer product questions and suggest design concepts that match your project.

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