Roppe Northern Leathers

Roppe Northern Leathers
Roppe Northern Leathers vinyl leather tile flooring brings an eco-friendly design and classic appeal to all living spaces. 6 charming colors offer intricate textures and shades that offer common benefits to different rooms. The broad color spectrum makes it easy for designers to customize the effects of separate rooms.

Visually striking 18” and 18” leather vinyl tiles bring spatial depth to large or small rooms. A big space will seem more welcoming, especially in a darker floor color, such as Northern Leathers Auburn 054. Master bedrooms are also a wise choice to reveal the rich colors of this model. The room's décor can complement or contrast this shade to further set the ambience as well.

White or yellowish colored drapes have a stark difference while brown or beige fabrics are more subtle. Meanwhile, cramped spaces will seem more open using the radiance of Northern Leathers Amber 056. The brighter hue expands small bedrooms, kitchens and family rooms.

So, what are the benefits of leather vinyl tiles? Firstly, the surface is easy to clean and durable against stains or scratches. Busy families can spend more time enjoying their remodeled spaces with less maintenance. The finish contains nanosilver particles that help control the presence of staph and e-coli that can plague kitchen floors or cooking spaces.

This collection is also protected against water damage and is very quiet underfoot. You will have a serene setting without buckling and creaking noises. Roppe provides a limited wear warranty as well.

A sustainable design softens your footprint on the environment with recycled content and post- consumer waste. Builders appreciate that this may help qualify their projects for the LEED Green Building certification. Leather vinyl tiles also met FloorScore and CHPS criteria. Quick and easy adhesive installation provides a secure fit and keeps contractors on schedule.

Please contact us to order Roppe Northern Leathers vinyl leather tile flooring. We will quote the square footage of your project and estimate shipping times.

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