Republic Floor Fortress

Republic Floor Fortress
The Republic Floors Fortress collection offer floors that are stunningly rugged and pair well with a variety of interior design styles. From classic to more contemporary, the floors in this collection can compliment a range of spaces.

These floors are not only beautifully designed, they ate also incredibly durable and tough. Even when handling extreme stress, these floors can stand up to every day wear and tear.

The Collection

The Republic Floors Fortress collection offers flooring ranging from deep chestnuts to light greys.

Fortress Pecan, Fortress Java, and Fortress Havana are all warm, chestnut flooring options. These floors all bring warmth and character to a space. Fortress Pecan is a dark and weather flooring option. Fortress Java and Fortress Havana are both mid-tone brown flooring options that add a bold, rustic feel to a space.

Fortress Chestnut is a warm blend of light browns and mid-tone browns. The floor also has hints of chestnut browns throughout. This blend gives a floor a warm and inviting feel.

There are a few grey flooring options in this collection. Fortress Rio, Fortress Sand Dollar, and Fortress Cathedral Gray are all grey floors that add a slightly rustic and sophisticated feel to a space.

Fortress Ibiza and Fortress Latte are two light tan flooring options in this collection. The light flooring options are perfect neutral backdrops to any space. The lightest of the floors pair well with neutral décor and open spaces.

See something that you think would fit your space? Give us a call at 510-698-5142. We can answer any questions or concerns you may have when it comes to flooring or the Republic Fortress collection in general. To see more laminate collections from Republic Floors, check them out here.

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