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Ragno Villa Medici Porcelain Tile Flooring is a collection drawing on foreign trends, while meeting domestic design penchants, breathing in an old-world spirit and releasing gorgeous, artistic visual patterns created with current technologies one being their trademarked 3D digital printing process. It's ancient inspiration meets and marries modern innovation, with genuine designs, an authentic feel, and with all the durability expected of tile.

This collection is inspired by handworked cottos with aged, softened edges. Both 3D print methods are utilized to accomplish the look of old terra cotta with an intrinsic design of complex diamond geometric structures indiscriminately distributed throughout. This series comes ready for residential floors, walls and countertops and commercial walls and countertops, in four beautiful shades of gray, cotto, white and smoke. In Villa Medici TC you'll find the terra cotta look, and Villa Medici BL is a smokey, charcoal gray that will add depth and character to any room. Villa Medici BI is an opulent pearly white, while GR is a mixture of light browns and grays. Sizes available in this collection include 6 x 6 inch, 6 x 13, 13x13, 12x24 and 20x20, making it simple to customize any room in the house to fit your design aesthetic. Changeovers from large-format floors to smaller-scale wall patterns are unbelievably easy, and backsplashes make countertops simple to accentuate. Five sizes of field and decos, four field and mosaic colors, plus bullnose trim makes designing with this collection a breeze.

If the versatility of tile is what you're looking for, it doesn't get much more versatile than the Ragno Villa Medici Porcelain Tile Collection. With its four-color palette and wealth of shapes, sizes and accessories, this series will take you back to the old world with all the modern amenities of present day.

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