Ragno Calabria

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Ragno Calabria porcelain tile collection is enticing three-dimensional textures and colors that create unique and distinct patterns that are irresistible to touch. The 3-D printing technique exclusive to Ragno, uses the latest in digital print technology to provide an excellent color palette of more than one hundred square feet of beautiful natural stone-looking tile with no repetition. This tiles is not only exclusively unique, it’s durable and everlasting. This porcelain tile will last for generations without losing its aesthetic qualities to wear and tear, sun damage, or knicks and scratches because of its special coating.

Offering Four different tile sizes, including a 12”x 24” plank, makes this tile ideal for transitioning from floors to walls extremely simple. Of course there is the traditional sizes. The smallest being 6”x 6” and to the more common 13”x 13” and the larger 20”x 20” for more expansive spaced areas. Mixing the sizes is always an option as well. Matching tile and brick mosaics work as a second option to offset walls and backsplashes in all residential and commercial applications. A variety of colors including Ragno Calabria Bianco, a beautiful beige shade with tan accents and swirls of cinnamon. Brown, a complex wash of rust, brown, and copper tan make this stylish color the talk of any room. Ragno Calabria Blue, a grayish marbled natural stone look with washes of chestnut and mahogany. These vibrant shades are all available in mosaic styles as well adding even more decorative style options.

All in all, this series encapsulates the look of natural slate perfectly in porcelain tile make it every designers dream. The Calabria series with vivid coloring and sizes stands apart from most marbleized slate visuals on the market projecting almost an onyx effect with the great coloration.

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