Ragno Eternal Limestones

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The beauty and extensive color variation in natural limestone has been reinvented for Ragno’s newest color-body porcelain tile line. Available in five large-format square or plank sizes along with four unique mosaic options, Eternal Limestones offers creative and customizable flooring and wall options for any residential or commercial space. Using next-level digital print technology, the extensive color variations found in natural limestone is flawlessly imitated with a high level of accuracy, making it difficult to distinguish natural stone from the porcelain tile. Such production technology creates clean, rectified edges to accommodate narrow grout joints, giving the illusion of an uninterrupted surface with few visual breaks.

Unlike the high-maintenance characteristics of natural limestone, which requires regular professional care, Eternal Limestones is stain resistant with minimal maintenance needed. Available in a variation of three colors, place the tile on either the wall or floor, or even both to craft a personal design statement that creates an elegant look in any room. With a high level of durability, take the tile to the outdoors to create further unique spaces that won’t wither away in the rain like traditional limestone.

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