Quick Step Envique

Quick Step Envique

The Envique Laminate Collection

is a new line of easy-to-install flooring ready to enhance the beauty of your interior décor. Manufactured with the finest high-definition printing and embossing technologies available on the market today, these stunning floors provide authentic hardwood looks with exquisite detail in a less expensive, more versatile format. The simplicity of the installation process and budget-friendly nature of Envique makes it an exceptional tool to have in your interior design arsenal.

Quick-Step Colors

You will find six unique color finish options within this Quick Step collection, all of which exude the natural patterns of bona fide hardwood floors in oak and pine finishes.

Natural Oak

Urban Concrete Oak is a light, heather grey stained with darker tones that give the finish a purple and blue tinge, depending on the light reflections at any given time. Cool and quiet, this serene tone is perfect for smart modern interiors. Lineage Oak is a soft almond color streaked with darker browns and dashed with peppered grey, complete with knots throughout the wood-look laminate planks. Chateau Oak is a rich and rustic color option with deep oak browns, achieving the antiqued look that lives up to its name's connotations. Maison Oak is the second darkest shade in the Envique collection, composed of antique browns reminiscent of the wood one would make bookshelves out of in old, cozy libraries.


Summer Pine is a very unique color and one that stands out the most. Coming in a platinum gold color stained at the edges in a shiny yellow, this option is complete with multiple whirlpools of knots throughout the laminate planks. Tuxedo Pine is another color that stands out within this selection, and not just because of its snappy name. It is midnight black in color with swirls of mystery in its charred pine pattern, much like the evening wear of an international spy sipping martinis at the end of the bar. Bridal Pine is the lightest shade offered, reminiscent of an extravagant wedding on a crystal-clear day.

Specs and Accessories

Quick Step Envique is offered in 7.5" x 54" dimensions. This large size makes installation a breeze. Finish out your flooring project in style with help from the included DIY kit. Use Combi Floor Underlayment or Unisound Combi Floor Underlayment to reduce noise. Achieve polished edges with Incisio Multifunction Molding crafted to perfectly match the color selection of your choice. Regardless of budget, these high-quality laminate floors are sure to make a stunning addition to any contemporary interior space.

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