Quick Step Elevae

Quick Step Elevae

The Elevae collection by Quick-Step

is a stunning wood-look laminate floor inspired by European oak and pine hardwood, gracefully aged by the sun and sea. Capturing such an antique look and installing it into your living space is sure to give you a sense of charm and majesty with such a beautiful laminate floor. With six colors and looks available, each option comes with its own personality and flair that is guaranteed to impress regardless of which one you choose.

Laminate Colors

Quick Step Elevae Antiqued Pine is a gorgeous blend of soft beige tints, reminiscent of white sandy beaches with a grey overlay that sweeps and streaks over the wood, dotted with occasional water stains splotching over its timeworn patina. Windblown Pine is a darker color option, as its primary hue is a mixing of browns and tans with a cascade of brownish-grey overlay for an aged appearance. Gentry Oak takes on a more dual color tone appearance with a chocolate brown transforming into a deep grey, giving this Elevae plank an overall peppered appearance inspired by the sophisticated peppering of hair that comes with age. Terrain Oak has a strong, milk chocolate appearance with a dusting of light grey. Mineral Oak, the darkest in this Quick Step laminate flooring collection, is a taupe and charcoal blend that gives each laminate plank a handsome, authentic hardwood appearance. As its name implies, the Tranquil Oak option is the lightest of the two-tone blends as a formerly golden wood tarnished with grey; hints of the previous golden shades peek through the grey overlay. Each of these hues carries a natural wood grain appearance, further emphasizing the stunning realism of these planks for maximum authenticity and style.

Additional Information

The handsome Quick Step Elevae comes in realistic 6" x 54" hardwood plank sizes. With ample options, you can shape these planks to do what you need them to do in order to fit your style tastes. Don't forget to add accessories to your flooring project to make it complete. Quarter rounds, stairnoses, T-moldings, and reducers are available, so please call one of our flooring specialists today to find out everything you'll need.

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