Quick Step Dominion

Quick Step Dominion

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Quick Step with Uniclic

Quick­Step Dominion laminate flooring showcases aesthetics that closely mimic both domestic and exotic hardwoods, so you can turn your own home into a dominion in the true sense of the word. Your home is your castle and these wood look laminate floors bring warmth to the forefront of your home décor at an affordable price compared to lineup made from timber.

Backed by a lifetime residential warranty as well as a 5­year limited commercial warranty, you can rest assured this collection will hold up to everyday mishaps, spills, scuffs, and stains. Say goodbye to expensive sanding tools and refinishing jobs. Enjoy hardwood aesthetics will fewer downfalls and lower costs with this exquisite series.

The collection is available in 6 1⁄8” laminate planks and eight different colors, blending elements from both traditional and contemporary styles. With a wide plank design, designers can achieve custom design effects in rooms of various sizes. Small rooms will seem more expansive, while bigger spaces will appear more inviting. The room décor, design theme and natural light are also factors to consider. Our laminate floor experts will suggest the best choices for your project.

Consider Dominion Hickory Amber for a versatile choice that matches an array of paint and décor schemes. The golden yellow shade allows sunlight to dance across the floor in a cascading barrage of intricate visuals and imagery. Dark or light colored fabrics will punctuate design effects to your preferences.

For something colder and more medieval, look to Dominion Steel Chestnut as an excellent choice for secluded rooms such as offices, dens, and even bedrooms. Solid colored wood furniture and vintage décor are good complements to this austere shade. Meanwhile, Malaysian Merbau will bring a warm and exotic look to your living spaces. The tones are replete with alternating color variations of dark browns and coppery tones.

Please call us for quotes on Quick­Step Dominion laminate flooring. We will arrange for fast shipping and are happy to suggest design ideas and answer questions.

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