Philadelphia Wood Mix

Philadelphia Wood Mix
Philadelphia Wood Mix Vinyl Flooring is a commercially rated product that is made using the latest technology to resemble actual wood planks. Wood Mix is installed loose lay, meaning no click system or adhesives are needed. Each plank is 6 inches wide by 48 inches in length.

The color range gives options several great visuals named after the particular wood species. Maple is your classic light toned maple featuring blonde tones. The Wood Mix Fir takes the darker brown tones and mixes with slightly lighter colors. Alder takes on the taupe mixed with the light browns and grays coming through. Now going back to traditional looks, the Wood Mix Hickory is rustic blend of browns that has a hand scrapped perspective to the individual planks. If red tones are what your looking for, the Sassafras featured those in a darker red. Lastly Mangrove takes the attributes of hickory and oak using richer browns mingled with ebony hints.

The Philadelphia Wood Mix has an impressive 10 year warranty for any type of commercial setting.
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