MSI Surfaces Metropolis

MSI Surfaces  Metropolis
The MSI Surfaces Metropolis series is a straight forward, no-nonsense, yet stylish porcelain flooring option with its minimalist, monochromatic look. The end result is a stained concrete look in porcelain format.

This collection has 3 smart colors for you to choose from for your flooring project. There is the MSI Surfaces Metropolis Cloud which is a monochromatic light grey color. Light and dark tones of grey blend together to create the overall hue of the series and tiny imperfections speckle across the stone. Gray is a darker gray tone also with light and dark shades of grey staining across the grey stone, giving the overall porcelain tile a cement look. Taupe is the final color of the series, focusing largely on brown tones with grey acting as an accent color stained into the brown blend.

The MSI Surfaces Metropolis collection comes in a large traditional size of 18
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