Mohawk Woodcreek

Mohawk Woodcreek

The Mohawk Revwood Woodcreek laminate series has an authentic, and natural essence within each and every plank and shade. These planks have a 100% waterproof protection due to proprietary technologies. For simple cleanup, it can also be wet mopped. If you are worried about your furry friends doing some damage, worry not! The Mohawk Revwood Woodcreek laminate collection has earned the All Pet Protection warranty. There are distinct textures and grains throughout the design, giving this collection an extremely realistic aesthetic. There are four stunning shades and tones to pick from, and be the missing puzzle piece to your home.


Looking to create a space that is dark and mysterious? Be sure to check out Mohawk Woodcreek Elkhorn Oak. This shade is a deep charcoal that has lighter cream and brown details placed throughout the planks. This type of flooring will quickly give your home a more intense, confident personality.

The Mohawk Woodcreek Outpost Oak will make anyone who’s a sucker for chestnut tones fall in love! These planks are a gorgeous blend of hazels and golden browns, to make for a bright and classic flooring option.

If your home needs something timeless and always on trend, consider the Mohawk Woodcreek Worn Leather Oak shade. This color has a striking combination of deep chocolate browns and creamy dark tones.

And finally, the Mohawk Woodcreek Creekbed Oak! This tone will pair well with most furnishings because of how diverse it is. It sports a unique blend of grey and chestnut, giving it a light and fresh feeling.


The Mohawk Woodcreek collection’s planks can be installed using the floating method.


The Mohawk Woodcreek series comes with the full Mohawk warranty.

See something that would fit well in your space? Give us a call at 510-698-5142. To check out more collections from Mohawk RevWood, click here.

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