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Mohawk Western Ridge

Mohawk Western Ridge

Mohawk Western Ridge is the choice that reflects a distinguished, trendy style with an authentic wooden appearance. Much like the trees in the West, it emits strength and determination with aesthetically pleasing, beautiful visuals. As inspiring as it is striking, this series will contribute to any area in which it resides. This laminate option is ideal for those wanting a feeling of fortification and protection, while remaining relevant in terms of design. This series comes in a handful of versatile colors that convey a different flavor and feeling. Styling flexibility comes to mind when taking this option into consideration because of the diverse ways a home or business owner can show their personal fashion preferences. This is consistent with the sizing of each plank, as they are crafted to fit any space or room that it might need to be placed. This would include rooms with pets and heavy appliances, as it is equipped with a layer of protection against scratching.

With a floating method of installation, this series will keep all water spills or potential liquids on the surface, ensuring nothing will seep underneath the tile. Also, this collection comes with technology that prevents water damage, giving it high durability. This toughness will hold even in high traffic areas and keep the floors looking fresh and clean. With this selection, you will be choosing the best in terms of styling, ease, beauty, and hardwearing.

The Collection

Mohawk Western Ridge is ideal for a space needing a versatile, fashion oriented, hardy floor. It comes in four varying colors and shades, each saying something much different than the other. Adaptability in design was highly considered when creating this series, as each shade can go in a various amount of spaces and fashions. This was also well structured when it comes to the sizing, each plank being 54 inches in length, 7.5 inches in width, and 12 mm in thickness. (54in x 7.5in x 12mm). This enables ultimate control and customization for you as the owner of your home or business. Another specification that makes this option appealing is the method of installation. This series will be installed using a floating method. This simplifies the install process, making it quicker and easier for you and any flooring professionals. Also, this type is installation is made to keep out water. No more needing to worry about potential liquid damage from seeping through your floor. On the surface of this floor, each plank is given a water resistance layering that will protect the plank itself as well. This collection comes with planks that are scratch resistant as well, which means your pets are free to roam as they please. No more needing to worry about whether any potential damage will occur, as this option is as durable as it is visually captivating. For a floor that is authentic hardwood appearing, you will want to strongly consider this collection.


Each color of this series is a different tone and speaks to something unique. Windmill Pine begins light brown on one side of each plank and slow transitions into a darker shade. This tone speaks of coziness and comfort.

Firelight Pine is noticeably darker in shade, but still retains some lighter streaks in its design. Much like a night lit only by the essence of a burning fire, this shade reflects wonder and the beauty of nature.

Buckhorn Pine is what you are looking for if you want a tint of rad in your darkened brown. It almost has the presence of a redwood tone, but still maintains its pine feel as well.

Flintrock Pine is the darkest shade of the four tones and emits a stoic, rustic vibe. Made to resemble the color of flint, its natural feeling is something that could be carved from the earth in stone.

See something that would fit well in your space? Give us a call at 510-698-5142. To check out more collections from Mohawk RevWood, click here.

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