Mohawk Vintage Elements

Mohawk Vintage Elements
The Mohawk Vintage Elements collection is made up of engineered Oak hardwood flooring that comes in a range of colors. From light blonde tones to mid-tone grey, the Vintage Elements collection has a lot to offer.

Oak flooring is incredibly durable and resistant to every day wear and tear. Its one of the most popular flooring choices available.

Each plank comes with a Crystal Shield Aluminum Oxide finish. The finish gives the flooring a hard layer that makes it more resistant to everyday wear and tear. The Aluminum forms a hard coating that protects the flooring from scratches, dents, and scuffs. Planks are 7 inches wide and an inch thick.

When it comes to installation, these planks can be installed using the glue, staple, nail, or float method.

The collection comes with a 50 year Residential Finish warranty.

The Collection

When it comes to flooring options, the collection comes in a range of tones to choose from. Armor Oak is a cool, dramatic blend of a range of grey tones. The floor is perfect for a more formal space.

White Sand Oak is a blend of warm honey blonde tones and ashy whites with mid-tone browns throughout. This floor is perfect for an open space or lightening up a kitchen, dinning room, or living room area. Winter Oak is the lightest floor in the collection. A blend of beige and grey tones, this floor has a calming appearance to it and acts as a subtle backdrop to any space.

Lighthouse Oak and Colonial Gray are both two of the lightest brown flooring options in this collection. Both of them are more of a subdued neutral backdrop in any space. Lighthouse Oak is a light blend of ashy, light browns and light blonde tones. Colonial Gray has an overall darker tone to it. It is a blend of md-tone browns and light, ashy greys and beige tones. The knots throughout the floor give it more character overall.

See something from this collection that you love? Give us a call at 510-698-5142. If you would like to see more hardwood options from Mohawk, be sure to check out their other collections.

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