Mohawk Viella

Mohawk Viella
The Mohawk Viella collection portrays a series of high-quality porcelain tile flooring and wall mosaic ideal for a sophisticated customization of any commercial and residential interior. The resemblances to natural stones featured by this compilation are as unique as also fashionable and aesthetically beautiful. The visuals presented through the neutrality of its color palette along with the massing and the combination of shades and other hues among each tile makes each piece a delicate and classic work of art, as well as a trendy concept in Italian design.

Taking a first look at the product itself, these rectangular and square tiles are available to be incorporated into floor and wall surfaces. And their list of conveniences does not end there. The color palette captures four exquisite selections that can be mixed and matched with each other and with pretty much any style or theme of choice.

Their Rama Grey presents us that modern coolness--which is becoming extremely popular in residential and commercial bathrooms and restrooms all due to its freshness in color and the subtle elegance of off-white. Followed by this option is Bordeaux Taupe, which, without leaving some of that grey out of the picture, is still able to add more of that warmth in beige that can be easily blended through any space. Their Cafe Creme shows us that the most irresistible limestone and travertine is achieved through a balance between French greys and the right amount of tans. Finally, their darkest Forte Grey is for those striving to make an impactful design statement of exclusiveness and grace.

The porcelain floor tiles are available in your typical 12” x 12”, 18” x 18”, and 24” x 24” sizes, accurately resembling concrete, limestone and travertine tiles. For more contemporary resemblances or for additional accents on your surfaces, they’ve also included 12” x 24” dimension, suitable to be mixed with other sizes and create unique rhythms throughout your living surroundings. Additionally, a smaller 2” x 4” size is also part of this fabulous group for complementary details, such as wall mosaics.

Mohawk Viella has definitely collected the most glamorous Italian trends to accommodate them into everyday living, making elegance and style even more accessible.
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