Mohawk Venetia

Mohawk Venetia
Mohawk Venetia hardwood flooring brings the rich feel of an acacia forest to match any décor. The darker tones add warmth and sophistication in 3 color choices. This makes it easy to create separate design effects with the same collection.

You can also choose from a 3” width or the mosaic of a 5” multi width. Different widths and colors allow you to customize the ambiance of different rooms. A narrower floor panel opens up larger spaces and cramped rooms alike. Choose the larger width to define expansive areas with minimal furniture.

Contractors can opt for staple, nail, glue or float installation based on the situation. Each option is made easy by the quality design and finish.

Acacia wood floors rank high on the hardness scale, with a 1750 rating. The durability gives designers and contractors more flexibility. A limited warranty from Mohawk also adds peace of mind for residential or commercial applications.

With a high color variation, fine accents and details are revealed in each panel. You will see grain patterns and textures that reflect the passage of time in nature.

Venetia Acacia Barrel WSK20-49 is the most neutral color choice of this lineup. You can pair this variety with other species of hardwood in furniture or other décor. Neutral colors help anchor the design theme of any room. For instance, you can repurpose a spare bedroom as a home office or vice versa. Consider gathering spaces such as living rooms or open concept kitchens for this coloration.

A lighter shade is found in Venetia Acacia Natural WSK20-10. The variations in color and detail are more evident, particularly in sunlight. You can define transitions from room to room by mixing this floor color with the darker tones of Acacia Spice. A change from hallways into bedrooms or different spaces in open concept floor plans are examples.

To learn more or buy Mohawk Venetia hardwood flooring; please contact our customer service team.

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