Mohawk Variations

Mohawk Variations

Mohawk Variations WPC Vinyl is a collection that most definitely lives up to its name. The color variation between each plank is highly defined, exuding a bold appearance that will liven up any otherwise ordinary home décor scheme. The added design benefit to this collection is that it works well with a variety of different interior design themes, ranging from traditional and contemporary to rustic and modern. For even more color variation, consider breaking the mold by mixing and matching styles available with this resilient, waterproof Mohawk floor.

Mohawk SolidTech

Variations utilizes Mohawk’s very own SolidTechTM rigid core technology to make each plank 50 percent denser than other comparable WPC flooring products on the market. This attribute makes it impervious to water, highly durable, and capable of concealing imperfections in the subfloor.

Unicli Installation

Thanks to UniclicTM technology, Variations can be floated over existing floors as well as uneven subfloors in a quick click-together installation, saving on installation time and even on hiring professionals if you feel like you’re up to a do-it-yourself project. Unlike most laminate and standard LVT installs, no expansion gaps or acclimation time is needed.

Mohawk Variations Specifications

In addition to the benefits of SolidTech and Uniclic, Mohawk Variations comes with a 12 mil wear layer to protect the planks from the elements and comes with an attached backing for maximum comfort underfoot and sound-dampening qualities. The collection is composed of four total flooring options. Each plank comes in 7” x 49” dimensions to fit the modern sensibilities of wider plank sizes. This will also save on installation time; the days of tediously small 2-inch wooden strips are numbered, if they’re not over already. With a total thickness of 6.5 mm and a 30-year limited residential warranty, these floors were built to hold up to all kinds of foot traffic, making them an ideal choice for households with pets or children.

Stunning Visuals

Each color replicates stained hardwood flooring aesthetics with stunning accuracy and precision. Shadow Wood is the subtlest option, with variations of mid-tone greys and browns that stand out but not too boldly or loudly. On the opposite end of the spectrum, the color contrast found in Steelgate is sharp and defined, with dark charcoal browns alternating with light dusty beige tones great for drawing in available natural light from the outdoors. Silhouette is a more neutral grey tone that has the innate ability to perfectly match various décor types, especially those with a contemporary vibe. Silver Shadows is best for establishing a warm, inviting atmosphere in your home with its subtle coppery blends and metallic timeworn greys.

More Information

Don’t forget to inquire about available quarter rounds, T-moldings, and stairnoses for your next project using Mohawk Variations to make it complete. Our flooring specialists are more than happy to help you with design tips and any other information you may need.

See something you love? Give us a call at 510-698-5142. To see more collections from Mohawk vinyl, click here.

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