Mohawk Ultrawood Westport Cape

The Westport Cape collection is made of European Oak. These stunning floors come with a matte finish and a distressed/weathered visual on top. Planks are 9" wide and 81" long with a thickness of 3/8". The planks come with a HDF core. This core gives engineered wood flooring the highest moisture resistance on the market. When humidity or moisture comes into play these floors won't expand or contract. Therefore, the floors will have a longer lifespan and retain a more uniform appearance in the long run.

The collection comes with four different color options to choose from. Monterey Oak is the darkest flooring option in the Westport Cape collection. A stunning dark, chocolatey brown with destressed light brown blended throughout, this floor is bold and rustic. Tide Pool Oak is a light brown with distressed hints of light grey. The floor has an overall weathered appearance to it. This is a perfect addition to a home if you are looking for a warm and inviting rustic floor. Sea Fog Oak is a stunning cool grey that has an almost white appearance to it. This cool color will pair well with Scandinavian home decor style or those looking for a more minimalistic hardwood floor that blends into the background. Sundial Oak is a soothing sandy brown color that is reminiscent of sand on the beach. The lightest color in this collection, it is perfect for a bedroom as it has a relaxing appearance to it.
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