Mohawk Ultrawood

The Mohawk UltraWood collection combines performance with the natural beauty you expect from hardwood flooring. This collection is extremely durable. Waterproof technology in planks that are married with water-tight joints makes for an advanced waterproof finish over each plank. The surface of the wood is protected from water as well as the subfloor. You can be certain that your floors will be protected from water damage. Have kids or pets? The Mohawk UltraWood collection comes with improved scratch, wear, and dent resistance. The collection comes with Everlast hardwood protection which makes these floors last four times longer than ordinary hardwood. With a lifetime wear warranty, you can be sure that your floors will last for many years to come. The collection also comes with Mohawk’s EasyClean technology. The enhanced lacquer resists stains and soil build up within the grain. This ensures an easy cleanup so that nothing gets into the grain in the planks and causes damage. With this advanced technology, planks are also easier to maintain over the life of the product.

The Collections

Mohawk UltraWood comes in four stunning collections with a range of colors to choose from. With so many options to choose from and technology that stands out in this industry, there is sure to be a collection that you love.

The collections in this series are made from a range of different wood species, but a lot of them contain European Oak.

European Oak is beneficial as flooring for a number of reasons including:

• Easy to clean: Hardwood floors don't accumulate a lot of dirt, dust, or debris.

• Give an elegant, high-quality look to a space

• Durable: These floors are made to be able to withstand heavy floor traffic and all kinds of daily wear and tear.

• Age well

Gingham Oaks

Gingham Oaks is made up of five stunning colors to choose from.

The planks in this collection are 7” wide and 48” long. Each plank is 3/8” thick. Planks have a matte finish and are wirebrushed. Wire brushing gives wood a more textured appearance instead of a smooth, glossy finish. The wood appears distressed, slightly weathered, and rustic. For installation this floor can be installed using the float or glue method. The planks can be installed on, above, or below grade.

Azalea Oak is a warm, blonde hardwood floor with hints of medium brown mixed in. This is the perfect flooring choice to open up a living room or bedroom space. The floor will pair well with neutral home décor and spaces with a lot of light. For a more rustic look, there is Ember Oak. This subdued light brown floor has a wire-brushed appearance that makes it look rustic and distressed. For some bold and rich brown hardwood flooring there is Romano Oak and Highland Oak. Highland Oak has stunning hints of cherry-brown for a floor that adds warmth to a space. Romano Oak has a darker and more sophisticated appearance to it, making it the perfect addition to a home den or office area. Crescent Oak is a dark and dramatic grey. With dark knots throughout and a rustic appearance this flooring option is sure to make a statement in a space.

Westport Cape

Westport Cape is another collection in Mohawk UltraWood. Made of European Oak, these stunning floors come with a matte finish and a distressed/weathered visual on top. Planks are 9” wide and 81” long with a thickness of 3/8”. The planks come with a HDF core. This core gives engineered wood flooring the highest moisture resistance on the market. When humidity or moisture comes into play these floors won’t expand or contract. Therefore, the floors will have a longer lifespan and retain a more uniform appearance in the long run. The collection comes with four different color options to choose from. Monterey Oak is the darkest flooring option in the Westport Cape collection. A stunning dark, chocolatey brown with destressed light brown blended throughout, this floor is bold and rustic. Tide Pool Oak is a light brown with distressed hints of light grey. The floor has an overall weathered appearance to it. This is a perfect addition to a home if you are looking for a warm and inviting rustic floor. Sea Fog Oak is a stunning cool grey that has an almost white appearance to it. This cool color will pair well with Scandinavian home décor style or those looking for a more minimalistic hardwood floor that blends into the background. Sundial Oak is a soothing sandy brown color that is reminiscent of sand on the beach. The lightest color in this collection, it is perfect for a bedroom as it has a relaxing appearance to it.

Crosby Cove

The Crosby Cove collection is made from European Oak with a matte finish and wire brushed top. The planks are 7” wide and 81” long with a thickness of 3/8”. The planks come with a HDF Core that gives them protection from moisture damage that leads to expanding and contraction.

Planks in this collection can be installed using the float or glue method. All planks can be installed on, above, or below grade.

The collection comes in seven different colors to choose from. On the lighter side there is Peaks Inlet and High Desert Hickory. Both of these options are warm medium-browns. Peaks Inlet has a smooth appearance to it while High Desert Hickory is a beautiful blend of light and slightly darker browns. With knots throughout and a wire brushed top this is a stunning rustic floor. Parchment Oak is a dark brown that has a smooth appearance similar to Peaks Inlet. Amherst Oak and Carob Hickory are both the darkest options in this collection. Carob Hickory is a rich and bold chocolatey brown with hints of cherry-brown. Oxhide Hickory is a light grey. This is a light and rustic flooring option. Chiffon Oak is a light blonde brown. This soothing floor pairs well in a space that has a lot light coming in.

Sebastian Isle

This collection is made up of four European Oak floors. Planks come with an HDF core for extra moisture resistance and are matte finished with wire brushed top. 9” wide and 81” long, these planks can be installed using the float or glue method and can be installed on, above, or below grade.

Although this is a small collection, it still has a lot of variety when it comes to color. Marina Oak is the darkest color in the collection. A bold and rich brown, this flooring option is dramatic and sophisticated. It is the perfect color option for a den or home office space. Puerta Oak is a soothing medium brown. A blend of different shades of brown, this floor is a perfect neutral backdrop to a space. On the lighter side in this collection, there is Ventura Oak and Pelican Oak. Both color options are a beautiful light blonde brown. These floors will pair well with neutral furniture. These are the perfect color options to open up a space and add warmth.

For more hardwood flooring options from Mohawk, check out more collections here. If you have any questions or would like to order flooring today, give us a call at 510-698-5142!

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