Mohawk Ultrawood Sebastian Isle

The Sebastian Isle collection is made up of four European Oak floors. Planks come with an HDF core for extra moisture resistance and are matte finished with wire brushed top. 9" wide and 81" long, these planks can be installed using the float or glue method and can be installed on, above, or below grade.

Although this is a small collection, it still has a lot of variety when it comes to color. Marina Oak is the darkest color in the collection. A bold and rich brown, this flooring option is dramatic and sophisticated. It is the perfect color option for a den or home office space. Puerta Oak is a soothing medium brown. A blend of different shades of brown, this floor is a perfect neutral backdrop to a space. On the lighter side in this collection, there is Ventura Oak and Pelican Oak. Both color options are a beautiful light blonde brown. These floors will pair well with neutral furniture. These are the perfect color options to open up a space and add warmth.

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