Mohawk True Design

Mohawk True Design

Mohawk True Design combines the beauty of a hardwood floor with the durability of vinyl to provide you with an option excelling in elegance and toughness. This series is ideal for those wanting a visually striking appearance with ultimate fortitude. Color variation and tonal uniqueness were strongly considered when creating each plank, allowing you more choices in terms of style. It comes in a line of different colors that are individually crafted to illuminate a specific aura. Sizing is also a beneficial feature with this collection, each piece being cut to conform any room or space it inhabits. This ensures you will be able to customize your home or business however you want. The toughness of this selection adds to your ability to design as well, as this exceptionally durable option will withstand high foot traffic areas and allow you to move heavy appliances wherever you need. It will not accumulate scuffs, marks, or scratches that regular hardwood flooring might. Each plank is given a wear layer that prevents this from happening and will keep your floor looking brand new for much longer. With this series, you will not need to worry about sacrificing beauty for toughness, as it is the best of both worlds.

Mohawk True Design will hold up against even the heaviest of traffic while radiating timeless style. For custom design enhancement, it comes in eight different colors. Every tone depicting a different, specialized vibe that will help you accomplish any fashion statement. Similarly, the sizing for each plank adds to this ability to achieve any appearance. The size of each piece is 59 inches in length, 7 inches in width, and 22 millimeters in thickness including the wear layer. This wear layering enables this series a strength that is matched by no other flooring. When creating this option, toughness was something sought after as much as possible. With the initial thickness and the wear layer, this flooring is considered scratch and stain resistant. The sheer hardness of each plank will prevent these pesky marks from appearing. This hardness, combined with the hardy wear layer, keeps your floor looking newer for longer. The installation method for this series is a “click” method, which is a floating install. With ease and simplicity at the fore front of this selection, this installation procedure is quick, painless, and makes it easier on the installation professionals. With so many color variations, a one size fits all size, ultimate durability, and quick install, this series is a top seller for a good reason.


Mohawk True Design comes in eight distinctive colors, shades, and tones that each depict something different. Caramel Oak is the feature color of this series because of the design versatility it provides. It has a beautiful brownish, gray color and textured, slightly worn appearance. It is ideal for those wanting to emphasize an aged appeal to any room. If you are looking for a more rustic, hard wearing atmosphere, this color is what you are looking for.

Sandstorm is the color in this collection that is gleamy and bright, like the sand on a beach. Its natural, almost tropical demeanor illustrates a room that wants to stay casual and comfortable. Peer into its light coloring and feel the warmth of the sun on a summer day. “Simply easy” is a great way to describe this tone.

Natural Pelican also has a beach type vibe but reflects more of a day on a pier. With its dock wood appearance, it will remind you of the sea for years to come. Its appearance gives an aura that is like an old ship, sturdy and strong. It will tell your guests of your determination and vigor.

Weathered Grey is the color you will want to go with if you are looking for something sleek and sophisticated. It speaks of quiet confidence and gives a gentle, yet intense appeal. It is perfect for a home office, as it shows adeptness and competence.


An impressive 25 year for any residential installations and for any commercial installations there is a 6 year warranty.

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