Mohawk Timberline Oak

Mohawk Timberline Oak
Mohawk Timberline hardwood flooring makes a superior choice for residential settings. Attractiveness and durability combine to create attractive interiors with the warmth of wood. Resilient with various staining options available, this collection simplifies the task of interior design. As an added benefit, this made in the USA with excellent production processes, backed by a 25 year limited warranty, makes a meaningful investment in your home’s future.

All of the colors of the forest are presented within this stunning collection. Oak Autumn fills rooms with the glow of a sunlit forest of fallen leaves with fiery amber hues mixed with deeper spice and cider. Timberline Cherry also includes a host of delicious warm colors. This deep brown option contains gentle hints of wine, cherry, and garnet undertones. For a more traditional look with the appeal of warm apple-pie Americana, the Golden Oak option shines with honey golden goodness and enticing cinnamon details. Oak Natural, meanwhile, offers the fresh appearance of pure, natural, newly felled trees. This selection showcases the blond beauty of bare wood that is as close to nature as any stained wood can get. The studious Oxford Oak offers another thoughtful option, as classically inclined as the study of a schoolmaster, this established tawny brown calls to mind leather-bound books and sophisticated tastes. On the more modern side of the collection, Timberline Slate Oak provides sleek greys. As an on-trend color, this tastefully stained wood-look effortlessly adds a storied past to your present with handsome smoke, ash, and fossil grey.

Mohawk Timberline planks possess enhanced water resistance and provide a long-lasting flooring choice. Planks measure 5 inches in width with varying lengths that draw attention to the natural visual appeal of hardwood. This engineered wood is suitable for installation on any grade. All floors can be easily installed on top of a wood or concrete subfloor with your choice of methods: glue, staple, or float. Planks are hand beveled for a custom-quality look. Bring the tamed beauty of the natural world home to stay with this wonderful hardwood!
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