Mohawk Southbury

Mohawk Southbury

Mohawk Southbury is a collection dedicated to helping any atmosphere achieve that gorgeous, radiant hardwood appeal. Its authentic wooden appearance instills a comforting essence, while also remaining sensible and pragmatic in nature. Its convenience, as well as its aesthetic visuals, make it the ideal selection amongst laminate flooring options. It comes in a handful of specific colors, each with their own presence to luminate. These tones make this series versatile when it comes to design and have their own individual styles. Sizing also contributes to this flexibility, as it comes in a standardized size that can fit any space or room. This series also has a toughness that enhances the fresh and cleanly appearance. Its durability is extremely high, meaning you will not have to worry about scratches from pets or moving heavy appliances. Each plank is layered with water resistant technology, so you can keep your shiny, new appearance for as long as possible. For a flooring that is visually astounding and up for the hardwearing challenge, this collection is something you should strongly consider.

Mohawk Southbury combines beauty, simplicity, style, and toughness to bring you the best laminate flooring available on the market. Its coloring variation consists of five distinctive shades for you to choose from. This optimizes styling and customization options for any home or business owner looking to find that specific feel in their space. The sizing of each plank will also help with this customization because of its normalized size of 54 inches in length, 7.5 inches in width, and 12 millimeters in thickness. (54 in x 7.5 in x 12 mm). This enables a space to achieve its full potential in design and fashion. Another special specification this collection offers is its floating installation technique. It is perfect for ease and convenience during the install process, while also sparing you time. This floating install prevents water from seeping under the planks, ensuring you will not need to worry about water resiliency on the surface or below. Each plank also comes with a layer of water and scratch resistant technology on its surface to protect them from any potential damages. This series is exceptionally durable in nature and will handle any high foot traffic areas with no problems. With this collection being so well fortified, as well crafted for flexibility in styling, it has become one of the most sought-after flooring options available right now.


Mohawk Southbury has a signature authentic hardwood appeal that comes in five different, distinctive shades. Buff is the lightest shade of the bunch, and brings looks of purity and refreshment into any space. With its almost white, mostly brownish tone, it has a certain innocence in its presence. It is self-reflective and brings clarity into any room. If you want an atmosphere of sincerity and peace, this shade is what you are looking for. Gravelstone is the option you are looking at if you want a distinguished vibe. Its light by nature, but almost has an aged darkening to its appeal. It speaks experience, and resiliency. With the hands-hard-at-work appearance, there is no wonder why this shade is so popular.

French Beige has a more of a comfortable, cozy aura to its authentic hardwood display. Ideal for a home needing a family room to relax in, this shade creates ease in your heart. This tone has a certain allure that wants you to make yourself at home. If you are looking to make a room personable, give this option a look.

Medieval Gray displays strength and nobility in a space. This color was made to be as tough as it is sleek. If you have a room needing an engaging presence, you will want to consider this shade.

Calvary is a color that combines the feeling of assertiveness and contentment. It has an essence of boldness and confidence. It will leave any visitor feeling trusting your perseverance and tenacity.


The installation process for this flooring is also worry free, as it utilizes the floating method. This method is superior to others when it comes to the speed and simplicity of the installation process.


Mohawk Southbury comes with the full Mohawk warranty guaranteed.

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