Mohawk Sawmill Ridge

Mohawk Sawmill Ridge

Mohawk Sawmill Ridge is a Revwood series specifically made for beauty, luxury, and overall strength. This collection is, without question, one of the most sought-after flooring options on the market today, and for a good reason. Crafted with precision and expertise, this selection has a radiant glow that speaks volumes in any space. It comes in a handful of tones, each one with a hardwood vibe and classy appeal. Distinct in nature, these shades will each bring something different to the table in terms of customization. Made to come with as many styling options as possible, this series also comes in a standard size that fit anywhere in your home. No more needing to worry about where you can fit your flooring. With this collection, you will be free to place it wherever you need. This enables you to bring a glossy, sophisticated appearance to any room. Another feature of series is the ability to withstand devastating blows and troublesome scratches. It is made with the strong minerals, giving it ultimate durability. Also, you will not need to worry water spilling onto your floor, as this option has a waterproof technology that gives it definitive water resistance. This series has various features and benefits that will give you the edge on fashion, design, toughness, and protection.


Mohawk Sawmill Ridge comes in four shades that reflect hardwood vibes and modernized design. Wheat Field Oak is the warmest, most welcoming of the four colors in this selection and it works wonders. With a sunny illumination and a slight rustic brown in the tinge, it is like being on a farm on a spring day. You will want to go with this color if you are looking for a friendly atmosphere.

Gingerglow Oak is what you will want to go with if you are looking for a moderate brown, hardwood appearance in your home. Its bark like tree appeal speaks of the privacy of a wooden log cabin. This color is great if you want both personability and strength.

Mineral Oak is the sleekest of the colors and it shows. With its blizzard of gray and white, it is the perfect option when looking to make a room cool and confident. Delve into its lightness and feel the purity around you.

Nomadic Oak is the darkest brown of the group, giving it a stoic demeanor. Its appearance is dark, yet welcoming and comforting. It will tell all your guests of your fortitude.


This series comes with an excellent Full Mohawk limited lifetime residential warranty.

Mohawk Sawmill Ridge was made to accommodate any need a homeowner might have when it comes to a laminate flooring option. It is gorgeous, stylish, trend setting, and timeless. It gives a genuine hardwood appeal that is rarely seen in an option that is not original hardwood. This series comes in four individual colors. These shades are each individually made to give a differing allure, along with a unique aura. With customization in mind, this collection provides you with the elegant hardwood coloring options you need. Custom design was also considered when sizing each plank. With a standard one size fits all mentality, this series was made for convenience and visual magnificence. Each plank is 47.25 inches long and a 6-inch width, with a thickness of about 12 millimeters. (47.25 x 6 x 12mm). This will ensure it can anywhere in your home with ease. Another wonderful feature of this flooring is its sheer durability in comparison to other options. It will withstand accumulating scratches and pesky scuffs, maintaining its glow for longer. This series comes with waterproof technology that will protect it from water spills and liquid stains, making it one of the most reliable, family friendly options out there. The installation method from this selection is the floating method. With this method, the installation process will move much quicker and be easier for you and your flooring professional. You will not need to worry about lengthy installation times or hassles. Made with strength and toughness, this series provides you with an option that will stand the test of time in both durability and visual appeal.

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