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Mohawk Rockford Engineered Hardwood flooring provides a lovely spectrum of variation of species. The natural swirl patterns and genuine grains have the authentic appeal of wood floors with engineered quality. With several colors available, interior designers can customize the theme and ambiance of separate spaces with one collection. This flexibility extends to the two plank widths. A narrower width reigns in larger spaces with minimal furniture. The intricate patterns are still clear, but in a more understated way. Choose the 3” option in darker floor colors to achieve this effect.

For instance, Rockford Bourbon Maple brings warmth and distinction to formal spaces. This dark brown color added with reddish accents of red streaks, creates the flooring color to really possess a bold and alluring color that is perfect for living room settings. Light colored drapes and décor create a stunning contrast with this color tone, while darker furnishings are a subtler complement. Rockford Brendyl Maple has a beautiful golden tone that can easily remind you of the majestic buckskin mare prancing along the parade route. The reddish browns mixed with the various shades of golden tan hues are weaved perfectly into one another to portray a tone that is heavily inviting and very satisfying. Awesome in living room spaces that are very family oriented, mainly for the creation of a more cozy and pleasing environment. On a lighter note the Natural Hickory has an untouched unstained appearance. Light and subtle graining and well defined with strategically placed knots which is perfect for that clean natural personified look. Flint Maple has a naturally aged gray tone with a light brushing of a tan stroking through. Where the Gunpowder Hickory had two individual shades of a dark chocolate browns fluctuating with each other for a smooth combination. With its blue gray blend the Shale Oak has a massive cooling effect that is in a range of colors called livid, like a blue bell flower. The Chocolate Oak has a harmonious mixture of chocolate truffles working so smooth and succulently together that it is absolutely tantalizing. Flooring so delicious you can eat them. For smaller spaces, turn to the 5” wide planks. You will quickly open up cramped rooms by putting the lovely shades and accents of this collection on full display. The radiance of Rockford Oak Butterscotch puts this plan into action. Rooms with large windows and natural light exposure further elicit the gorgeous hardwood patterns. A versatile alternative for all themes is the Cherry color. The red accents match with vintage and modern décor. Consider pairing this model with furniture of various species for a truly natural look. Our staff is happy to review the lineup and answer product questions. Contractors appreciate the four installation options. You can choose from glue, float, staple or nail down for different projects. The many choices allow you to install in spaces that would not otherwise be possible. Whatever the choice; you can expect a secure and lasting fit. What are the advantages of an engineered hardwood floor? Compared to solid varieties, this collection is more resistant to moisture and buckling. The surface is durable against scratches, stains and wear that can occur over time. An ArmorMax coating adds to longevity along with a manufacturer’s warranty from Mohawk floors. Ready to order? Please call for quotes on Mohawk Rockford Engineered Hardwood flooring. Our staff offers start to finish support.

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