Mohawk Elderwood

Mohawk Elderwood

Mohawk Elderwood is the premier series for an authentic hardwood appeal that will stand the test of time. Being one of their many Revwood options, this collection specializes in providing a sincerely aging hardwood appearance. It is versatile in nature and has many customization abilities, leaving you with every design possibility you might desire. Having many advantageous benefits for homeowners, there is no wonder why this selection is so highly sought after. Coming in a handful of radiant, vibrant colors, it is ideal for designing options and styling routes. Crafted to precision, each plank comes in a standard, customary, one size fits all dimension. Thus, adding to sheer flexibility features of this selection. Durability was also highly considered when creating this series. Being one of the toughest options on the market, its hard-wearing material is made to be dense and strong. It will not gather scratches or scuffs of any kind and will not be damaged or stained by water. If you are looking for an option that is crafted specifically to satisfy the homeowner, this series will be something you should look at. There is truly no other option that contains the strength, trendiness, and customization capabilities that this collection has.


Mohawk Elderwood comes in four visually striking colors, each one saying something different than the other. Aged Copper Oak is the shade that holds true to that hard wood authentic appearance. With this wooden vibe, the tone speaks of traditional values and a family-oriented demeanor. It tells each guest just how much you care about safety and protection in your home. With this color, you are choosing conventional beauty and worn appearances.

Asher Gray Oak is a grey and white masterpiece that appears pure and tranquil in nature. With harmonious vibes and peacefulness, this tone is a wonderful option for a room that needs calmness. Gentleness and vibrance signify this shade.

Bungalow Oak is a light brown option that contrasts the first color mentioned. Its bright brown and wood texture give the appearance of a contemporary hard wood floor. With the steadiness and sturdiness of an oak tree, it is perfect for depicting everlasting strength, unbreaking fortitude, and overall tenacity.

Sandbank Oak has some bright yellow mixed with brown, making it the best tone for a home wanting to have a fun summer vibe. Much like being on the sand at the beach, it is warm and friendly to everyone it greets. This tone is great for coastal houses wanting to continue the feeling of the ocean into their home.

Mohawk Elderwood surpasses all other flooring options in terms of ultimate fortitude, beauty, and convenience in styling preferences. It is known to be one the most desired options on the market today for a reason. Created to come in four distinct. uniquely made colors, this collection provides visually diversity to anyone trying to design with it. With features that give you all the choices you could ask for, you need not worry if you can achieve your desired vibe in your space. Similarly, each plank is cut precisely to allow you to put this flooring anywhere in your home. It comes in a standard size that will fit wherever you put it. Placement of this option has its flexibility because of the extreme density it has as well. High foot traffic areas need not worry be worried about by anyone. This series will withstand hardy blows, pesky scratches, and other damages. With this toughness in mind, you will not need to worry about your floor being destroyed. You will not have to worry about stains or water damage either, as it comes with water resistant technology. Another special feature is the floating installation method that will take place when you choose this option. Floating means each plank will click into place, making the process simple, easy, and very quick. When you choose this flooring, you will be choosing peace of mind, styling illumination, and damage resiliency.

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