Mohawk Revelance

Mohawk Revelance

Mohawk Relevance WPC Vinyl Flooring

Mohawk Relevance is a classical, artful, yet durable vinyl option for those wanting to excel in strength and visual appeal. It is as tough as it is expertly crafted and extraordinary in terms of beauty and elegance. It comes in a line of colors that each say something different. Distinctive in their depictions of each area they reside, each tone is unique and makes a statement in a space.


Relevance’s SolidTech rigid core technology makes it 50 percent stronger than other comparable WPC floors on the market. No expansion gaps are needed during installation and—unlike regular vinyl—has the innate ability to hide imperfections in the subfloor. This will reduce installation time as the previous floor doesn’t need to be ripped out; simply float Mohawk Relevance over an existing floor or subfloor through the manufacturer’s very own Uniclic installation system. Customization is something strongly considered when developing this series, even regarding its sizing. Each plank comes in a standardized size that can conform to any space it is in. This means you can put it wherever you want, and size will not be factor. The sheer durability of this option also adds to its customization ability. It can be placed in extremely high foot traffic areas or spaces where heavy appliances might be located. It has a high wear layer and scratch resistant technology that will give you peace of mind and ultimate protection. Along with a pet proof floor, this series also specializes in preventing water stains. Its waterproof technology is considered top of the line. With this state of the art, classy, and hard-wearing option, you will no longer need to choose between visually striking appearance and fortification. An attached underlayment provides additional sound-dampening properties as well as a softer feel underfoot.

Specs Mohawk Relevance is the premier option when it comes to vinyl flooring that is stylish, trendy, and tough in nature. It provides you numerous features and benefits that provide great advantages. The first of these benefits is the color variation it has available. With 8 different, yet distinct colors, you will have every option needed in terms of customization. This ability to customize was exceptionally important when creating this series. This even extends into the sizing of each piece of flooring. It is made to be a standard size that can be placed in any part of your home. This is made possible by the 49-inch-long, 7-inch-wide, and 12-millimeter-thick, cutting of the planks. (49” x 7” x 12 mm). This sizing provides the necessary fit for any space. This series also comes with a wear layer that gives each piece formidable resistances. These resistances include scratches and scraps, making your floor pet friendly. It also includes technology that provides waterproofness and stain resistances. This will give the floor a glow that will keep it looking new for longer. Another special feature of this series is the floating installation method. With this floating procedure, the installation will be quick, easy, and painless for you and your installation professional. This selection is ideal for anyone wanting a floor high in durability, design options, and protective technology.

This series comes with the full Mohawk Residential Warranty of 25 year for residential and 6 years for any commercial installations.

Rustic, Traditional, and Contemporary Styles

The eight color shades offered in Relevance work well in a variety of different décor styles; ranging from dark reddish browns to light greys, this flooring collection has something for everyone.

Burnt Embers is one of our favorites. With reddish brown tones and natural streaking patterns, this option is a wonderful addition to rooms with mahogany furnishings and provides a warm, inviting atmosphere for living rooms, dens, and foyers in homes with traditional sensibilities.

In contrast, the classic natural oak looks of Gunmetal work well in kitchens and dining rooms to accentuate available natural light thanks to its light beige-brown blends. Sandstorm is similar in shading, only slightly darker with a smooth, finished look. Try pairing this color with white furnishings for a bright, glowing contemporary look.

For a more modern look, consider the deep charcoal brown shades found in the Teatime and Dark Horse options. Dark Horse is the darkest color of the eight shades and its strength will provide a visually striking appearance in your space. It tells guests of the formidable nature of the room and will put them at ease. Its sleek, yet hard wearing appeal is desirable for any area in your home. Try these options out in kitchens and bathrooms for lasting first impressions on your houseguests, or consider pairing them with off-white furniture for maximum contrast and sharp visuals.

The strongly defined wave-like patterns in Brownstone can greatly enhance spatial depth in any room where it is installed, as the high color variation found in each of the planks brings them into the foreground. Brownstone is a gentle mix between the darks and the lights. It also has a textured look that gives a worn, aged appearance. It mixes chocolate brown with a caramel to provide swirls of combined feelings and emotions. If you are looking for something that is visually stirring, this shade is what you are looking for. For something with a bit more subtlety, consider the bluish grey tones of Graywaters or the icy patina of Cool Concrete. Cool Concrete is the lightest shade of the colors and its grays mixed in with white provide a purified appearance in any room it is placed. Its great for a calming presence that provides tranquility. With this shade, harmony will be in any space it resides. If you are looking for soothing coolness, this option is perfect for you.

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See something you love? Please don’t hesitate to call one of our flooring specialists for information on design tips, the benefits of WPC flooring, or accessories offered with the Mohawk Relevance collection. Give us a call at 510-698-5142. To see more collections from Mohawk vinyl, click here.

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