Mohawk Prospects Plus

Mohawk Prospects Plus
Go with elegance, go with Mohawk Prospects Plus vinyl flooring. With an array of subtle rusticity, modernity and classic traditionalism, this compilation is everything you were wanting your floor surfaces to look like. Its simplicity in construction and installation makes it ideal for all commercial and residential spaces. We’re talking about stress-free and efficient procedures that will end by providing you with your dream floor surfaces for your home and offices. This collection is an incredibly stylish design decision you might want to consider.

This series’ color palette includes your favorite shades of natural wood, starting with their gorgeous gray coffee brown named Ashlyn, their stunning maple consisting of the soft clear stain Blonde which mimics that traditional maple hardwood with minimum graining or wood textures. For a more exotic look check out exquisite cherries such as their Merlot Brazilian Cherry, and a complete oak compilation including their nutmeg Butterscotch. For the darker browns, check out the Tuscan coffee Chocolate, and a warm chestnut Natural Oak. Additionally, this expands to a branch of the barn wood series, which from their American Cherry resemblances categorized as Chocolate and Toasted, it takes us to their cooler gray Prospects Plus Weathered Barnwood, which gives that look and feel of the barn wood that was seen years ago.

With “fashion forward” plank sizes ranging from 6” to 7.25” x 48” and tile sizes of 18” x 18” and 18” x 36”, the possibilities to personalize your home utilizing Mohawk Prospects Plus are as infinite as the natural beauty and style of the product itself. Their glue down installation, uniclic locking system and 12 mm thickness makes these vinyl planks resistant against spills, dents, scuffs and and scratches, and sustainable enough for all of your living surroundings and users of all ages. This series can also be used in light commercial settings further expanding ideas for practically any business application.
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