Mohawk Pacifique

Mohawk Pacifique
Mohawk Pacifique Engineered Hardwood flooring features coastal charm that is steeped in time and beauty. Cut from Pacific Acacia, you will see the rich textures, intricate patterns and grain in each 5” x 1/2” plank. Fine craftsmanship is apparent in the hand beveled edges and smooth finish.

3 colors offer common beauty with unique accents to meet demanding tastes. This makes it simple for designers to bring rustic inspired themes to different rooms with a single collection. Your remodeling project will stay on schedule with the array of choice this lineup offers.

Hardwood floors also have clean air benefits that help families breathe easier all year long. The surface makes it simple to sweep up pet hair, dander and dirt in a quick fashion. Have allergies? As a hypoallergenic surface; coughs, sneezes and other reactions may all be reduced.

Pacific Acacia is an exotic species that offers classic appeal. Each of the three color choices mixes weather worn allure with engineered quality. Pacifique Engineered Acacia Natural is the most neutral of the available shades and matches well with nearly any décor.

You can remodel with confidence as design tastes changes with the warm brown tones of this model. Splashes of dark swirls add warmth while light patches created by water, wind and sun are on full display. This versatile choice shows well in living rooms, kitchens and other core spaces.

At the darker end of the color spectrum lies Pacifique Engineered Acacia Spice. A luxurious shade with creamy accents add distinction to formal spaces that range from dining rooms and dens to living rooms. You can further customize the design effect with light brown or beige furniture and white or cream colored drapes. This creates a stark contrast, while darker décor is more understated. Look to the Acacia Barrel color for a more simple pattern in a similar shade.

Please call us to for a square footage quote on Mohawk Pacifique Engineered Hardwood flooring. Our product specialists will arrange for shipping and answer all your questions.

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