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Mohawk North Ranch

Mohawk North Ranch
The Mohawk North Ranch collection is engineered flooring collection that is extremely durable and made to withstand the wear and tear of day to day life. The collection is made up of muted brown and grey tones that add a sophisticated and slightly rustic feel to a space.

The planks in this collection can be installed using the staple, glue, or float method. The variety of ways that these floors can be installed makes for installation that is quick and easy.

Each plank comes with an Aluminum Oxide finish. This finish gives floors a hard, scratch resistant layer that is safe for sensitive people while keeping floors protected from every day wear and tear.

Planks come in a width of 6.5 inches and are 3/8th inches thick.

The collection comes with a twenty-five year Residential Finish warranty.

The Collection

The Mohawk North Ranch collection has four options to choose from. The collection is made up of a range of muted tones. Mohawk North Ranch Hickory Gray Mountain is a mid-tone grey that is perfect for a more sophisticated space. This floor adds a slightly rustic and contemporary feel to a space.

Mohawk North Ranch Hickory Rich Clay is the darkest flooring option in this collection. This floor is a blend of warm, light browns, and rich, chestnut browns. This floor is perfect for more formal spaces such as a formal living room, home office, or den. Mohawk North Ranch Hickory Trail Blaze is a muted, mid-tone brown that overall has a dark tone to it. Mohawk North Ranch Hickory Rawhide is a light brown flooring option that works as a neutral backdrop to a space.

See something from this collection that you love? Give us a call at 510-698-5142. If you would like to see more hardwood options from Mohawk, be sure to check out their other collections.

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