Mohawk Marcina

Mohawk Marcina
Mohawk Marcina laminate flooring is hard not to love. We love natural hardwoods to add a natural spirit and subtle class to home flooring, but knowing that forests are being flattened for our fabulous floors doesn’t feel too good. This adds to the various reasons why we love the eco-friendly alternatives such The Marcina line. These resilient laminate floors offer the visual effect of true hardwood without the outrageous price point and harmful harvesting practices. With naturally occurring characteristics like knot holes, decorative grain patterns, and plank design, your guests won’t know the difference, and don’t worry— we won’t tell them! Make a commitment to fine home flooring with flooring a forest, with the Marcina collection by Mohawk.

This scrumptious collection offers inspirations from hickory, cherry, and maple, so you’re sure to find the right wood for your design scheme. Mohawk Marcina Chocolate Maple is a sinfully sweet option that goes beautifully in the kitchen with Rococo design accents like rich woods and elaborates scrollwork. More traditional designers will love the bright and yummy caramel tones in Marcina Mocha Hickory, which offers the most distinct grains in the collection, drawing your eye around the room with charm and allure. Marcina Amber Maple if a dark toffee tone, with soft, barely-there grains and consistent coloring that looks beautiful in your living room. The most popular selection from within this collection is Marcina Warm Cherry, for its pinkish hues that catch and reflect natural light with brilliance.

With 9 unique colors and styles, this collection is ahead of its time. It offers a certain vulnerability and beauty that is not easily mastered. If it was, others laminate flooring collections would have been smart enough to emulate its brilliance. With its eco-friendly factor, this line is surely winning because it does two things quite well; maintain the environment we inhabit and upgrades properties with its alluring attractiveness. With options galore, in our eyes, Mohawk Marcina laminate flooring deserves the “Collection of the Year” award, for obvious reasons.

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