Mohawk Havermill

Mohawk Havermill

Mohawk Havermill Revwood boasts realistic hardwood patterns and durability, in a laminate construction. This collection features wood-look floors that are cost efficient and high in quality without compromising any style attributes whatsoever. The charm of Mohawk Havermill lies within the weather-worn details of each plank. The natural grain patterns, streaking, and swirls will surely add character to any room where it is installed.

Stunning Wood-Looks

This collection of hardwood visuals comes in a total of 11 colors that highlights looks of domestic oaks, hickory, and maple as well as exotic woods such as acacia and walnut.

Turn to Antique Leather Maple for classic design that flows with trendy decor. This wooden laminate floor is rich in color and provides shades that are current with up-and-coming styles, yet still contains that timeless appeal. Rich textures are apparent in each plank as different tones of light and dark mesh together. You can use this color to set the tone in front of rooms or as a transition between living spaces, such as a hallway to a bedroom. Despite an exotic twist on a classic style, the coloration has enough neutrality to be used in versatile design schemes that make it enjoyable when wanting to mess around with the look of any bedroom within your home.

Haystack Oak is at the lighter end of the color spectrum. You can install these planks in rooms bathed with natural light for a radiant look. The reflected sunlight will reveal rich accents and highlights in the exquisite finish of this laminate floor. Kitchens with large windows and bedrooms that welcome the morning sun are possibilities for these choices.

Sunbeam Acacia and Sunburst Walnut are great exotic choices within this wood laminate collection. The reddish-brown tints of each color pair nicely with mahogany furnishings and display stunning visuals when installed into huge living areas such as: Kitchens, living rooms, and the upstairs of your home.

Latte Sawn Oak and Crisp Smokey Oak are both excellent options for a rustic interior motif, with their dusty finishes and defined linear patterns. Soft Copper Oak is another good choice for blending rugged design with a warm, inviting atmosphere. These 3 colors look beautiful with dark furniture and light decor accents. The combination of the two decor styles really brings out each characteristic that lays within each of these flooring options.

Stonewood is a bright pearly off-white blend that fits well in rooms with dark furniture and glass tables for maximum contrast and a more modern ambience. Buttercream Hickory and Honey Blonde Maple are more intermediate shades, the latter of which exudes an appearance of unfinished natural maple harvested and cut directly from the forest, while the former provides a soft cozy feel thanks to its hints of reddish tones woven throughout each plank.

Details and Specifications

This laminate floor is offered in 5.25" plank widths and is FloorScore certified for low VOCs, making it an excellent choice for households with people who are extra sensitive to allergens and other environmental irritants. An overall 12 mm thickness helps soften noises and adds longevity to the life of the floor. With a full manufacturer's warranty from Mohawk, your new laminate floor is guaranteed to last for years to come without experiencing any excessive wear.

Mohawk itself also has its very own exclusive UniclicTM installation system that requires no adhesive; the laminate floor planks simply click together, making Havermill a suitable choice for do-it-yourself projects. UniclicTM also makes professional installations go much faster, since your contractors won't have to hassle with messy adhesives and drying times.

Fan of DIY Projects?

If you are someone who loves and enjoys DIY projects or just simply loves saving your money on flooring renovation to complete your perfect home, then check out Mohawk Havermill Installation Packet to help you obtain your dream home at a more affordable price than normal. I mean, we all love to save money right?

In addition, please feel free to contact us at 580.698.5142 for cheaper prices and estimates this stunning collection by Mohawk Flooring. Our flooring specialists are ready to assist you with your order and answer any additional questions you may have about this beautiful, durable floor.

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