Mohawk Morikato

Mohawk Morikato
The Mohawk Global Entry Morikato luxury vinyl series captures the wondrous beauties of a forest, living up to its Japanese namesake. This collection features many colors and styles for you to choose from with natural hardwood visuals, and a cutting edge charred wood-look. If you’re looking to be creative with wood styles, this series won’t disappoint.

With 18 gorgeous colors and looks, you’re sure to add an elegant and stylish look to any place you use this collection. You have unique, bold looks such as with Global Entry Morikato Nikko, a blend of grey, altering hues in a striped pattern, giving you a unique, contemporary look. Similarly, there is Unaltered, a brown version of Nikko with alternating brown and tan hues in a striped fashion, giving you a new twist on a traditional wood color. Charred Ash is another unique highlight of this collection with a zebra-esque graining pattern in the middle of the plank, which adds a bit of sass to your contemporary room. For a more traditional wood-look, there is Japanese Maple, a sweet golden hue with thin, wispy graining rippling across the plank like ripples in a pond. For a softer tone more on the antique side, there’s Kabuki, a light beige with heavy graining throughout the plank, giving the style a weathered wood-look.

With 18 looks, it’s impossible to list them all. As you can see, there are many brilliant options to choose from for your contemporary space – you won’t be disappointed. And with Mohawk Global Entry Morikato measuring to 7” x 48”, you’ll effortlessly achieve the wood-look you desire.
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