Mohawk Festivalle Plus

Mohawk Festivalle Plus
The Mohawk Festivalle Plus laminate flooring collection is a bright, cheery line of laminate floors designed to appear as if they are constructed using true hardwood flooring. These floors appear completely natural, but are constructed of laminate, granting them several advantages over traditional hardwood floors. One of these advantages is their enhanced durability, making them capable of holding up to daily wear and tear in high traffic areas of commercial and residential properties, something true wood floors cannot match. The second advantage is the lower price point featured by these floors, making them a great option for designing a home or workplace on a budget, or for saving some money when purchasing a floor. The third is their eco-friendliness. Because these floors are laminate and only has the appearance of hardwood, no trees are cut down to create them, making the impact that Festivalle Plus has on the environment extremely limited.

The color options available in the Festivalle Plus collection of wood look laminate floors are absolutely stunning, with shades such as Festivalle Plus Northern Maple which is a smooth, natural golden wood tone with soft dark golden graining. Sunset American Cherry is an attractive reddish-brown with occasional dark spots of graining but otherwise very smooth and blemish free in design. Suede Hickory is a medium traditional wood tone, with heavier grey graining and grey overlay in some spots. Several others colors are also available to choose from as well so be sure to have a look at all the handsome colors this selection has to offer!

Each color of the Festivalle Plus selection comes in plank-look strips of 7 1/2” x 47 1/4”. With this in mind, these floors are absolutely gorgeous and capable of revolutionizing the appearance of any space with added durability and wear resistance that cannot be beaten.

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