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Mohawk Dodford

Mohawk Dodford
Mohawk Dodford is a twelve-color palette that has earthy browns to rustic browns with ingrained lines and markings to balance out the style. Made in the USA, Mohawk Dodford is available in glue down and click for installation methods. This Vinyl flooring with tile is made for convenience and simplicity during the home renovation process. Dodford is perfect for anyone looking for trendy options in their flooring design.

Ready for Resistance Mohawk Dodford's products are resistant against water and stains.Whether you, your children, or your pets create the accidents, Mohawk Dodford is ready to help your new flooring shine.


The warranties vary, depending on installation of the dry back of the Mohawk Dodford's planks measure a generous 7.5" x 52" and tile sizes of 12" x 24"', so you can complete your new designs quickly. It has a thickness of 2.5 mil., with a wear layer of 20 mil., and boasts of being resilient, waterproof, and stain resistant. This option has a primary application in luxury vinyl, with dimensions of 94.5" x .75". Using T-molding RevoFit, it is designed to accommodate the expansion gap between floors of equal heights from 3 to 8 mil. Also, Reducer accomplishes the same but for flooring that is uneven in height. Making this series as versatile as it is vivid. Finally, Mohawk also extends The Mohawk Vinyl End mold, a moisture resistant molding that is designed for doorways, sliding doors, against fireplaces, and abutting joining floors of different heights.

The Collection

Mohawk Dodford comes in elegant and strengthened colors, making it one of the top series on the market today.

Mink Oak has intermingled soft browns and greys, with occasional dark brown shades resurfacing. Thin lines of various designs remain consistent throughout the style, evoking irregular patterns to separate the subtle differences between the colors.

Mochaccino Pine has shades that are less subtle than Mink Oak and the white and light brown shades enhance the ingrained markings on the style. The colors are so soft that you can feel the texture just by looking at it and smell the pines around you as though you were in the woods.

Griffin Oak appears more abstract with its wider ingrained markings that reflect true characteristics of a tree. The markings and the colors equal in the manner they blend together, giving it a satisfying rustic look if that is the tone you are seeking.

Canyon Oak provides an experience with its natural rustic outlook that also encompasses dark browns and blacks, with white shades sometimes making a presence. Its rough ingrained markings also enhance on the natural appearance of what a canyon looks like with all its ridges and buttes.

Bordeaux Oak appears cream-colored overall, with a slightest hint of light brown that mostly resides in the curvy markings and lines. There is a purity tone that pervades in the style, which doesn't want to brag about more than what it is.

Suede Oak looks like the white light from angels that touches the earth with a little bit of yellow tints scattered among the tans and light browns. It also is reminiscent of caramels which defines the soft comfort you see when you look at the colors and styles as a whole.

Dorian Oak encapsulates an ancient storybook sensation from its rustic appearance and whites whispering through the classic ingrained markings. With a mingling of various browns that overlap into some greys, it strikes a new meaning of nostalgia.

Fawn Brindle looks striped, with a black shade announcing a presence and then a white emerging in the next space. As they take turns with each other, sometimes they overlap into a grey space, with the tenderness of a fawn and yet takes on a wild zebra impression. This style of colors is sure to maintain your fascination.

Chinchilla Oak creates a ghostly impression, with its underlying tone being white but having a few grey or black shades that break the white silence. To a point, the white evens out with the blacks and greys, alluring you into thinking what may be real and what isn't.

Merino is so abstract with its ingrained markings of diverse designs of circles and lines embedded in with white as the dominant color. The floor looks so white that it seems like it glows, even without the use of natural or artificial lights.

Keystone is an abstract blend of blacks and greys, with a few occasional whites slipping in among the other two. It looks like it is the cosmos, except in neutral colors.

Mooning does look like you are on the moon, with both its colors and sparse ingrained markings that resemble its craters. With such creative play on design, it also reflects how the moon glue down.

When it comes to installation, Mohawk Dodford also has two glue down options: Dodford 12 click which offers a 25-year residential warranty and a six-year light commercial warranty or the Dodford 20 which provides a thirty-year residential warranty and a ten-year light commercial warranty.The dry back comes with a thirty-year limited residential warranty and a ten-year light commercial warranty.

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