Mohawk Defined Style

Mohawk Defined Style

Mohawk Defined Style flooring is a trend setting series crafted precisely with design versatility and ultimate fortification in mind. This distinct selection comes in a broad range of colors that can be styled to show your specific, unique tastes. Each shade will give a room an individualized visual experience, setting the tone for anyone who may enter. Coming in a size that is advantageous for any situation, it gives you the option of to customize your space as much as you want. Its dimensionally aesthetic, meaning it will blend well with any floor plan you may have for it. With this flooring, you need not worry about heavy foot traffic or the movement of large appliances. What gives this choice its edge is its resistance to damage and ability to maintain its glowing, well- polished appearance. When you choose Mohawk Defined Style for your business, you’ll be showing your definitive taste, conventionality, and practicality.

Mohawk Defined Style comes in fourteen different colors and shades to ensure you have as many styling and design options as possible. The sizing of each plank is 7.25 inches in width by 48 inches in length, with a thickness of 3.4mm/6 mils Rigid (48” x 7.25” x 3.4mm/6mils) created to be strong and hardy, as well as visually pleasing. It is made with a core mineral of PVC, making each plank highly wear resistant. This means you won’t need to worry about your flooring’s rigidness. Fortunately, it will resist stains, scratches, dents, and is considered to have the best in waterproof technology. Also, it is made with safe, natural minerals, making it safe for children and for pets. This series comes with Uniclic Technology for a quick installation process. This means avoiding any lengthy or overly extended install periods. Floating installation allows for simplistic plank placement, making it easy on you and installing professionals. Cleaning maintenance for this selection is the occasional mopping or sweeping when needed, depending on the situation.


Mohawk Defined Style has fourteen different shades and colors for you to choose from. Each vivid tone creates a completely different atmosphere. Conveying the correct demeanor is important for any business, which is what makes the color selection imperative.

If you’re looking for coloring that will define your space as sleek, glowing, and new, try looking at Chantily, Stone Forest, or Big Sur. These colors are smooth and exceptional for any office or work setting. The sturdiness of Stone Forest is marvelous in strength and will show tenacity and determination. The lighter tone of Chantily will instill calm and peace. Whereas Big Sur will convey protection and safety with its darker vibes. These three more professionalized shades are fantastic for eliciting a sense of trustworthiness in those who visit you.

You may be looking for planks that appear more friendly in nature. If so, take a look at Triple Ale, Tilamook, or Chocolate Curls. With Chocolate Curls wafting, flavorful taste, it will give off a feeling of happiness and joy with its brownish glee. Triple Ale is perfect for a business needing a steady and reliable personality while remaining fun and casual. It provokes a personable tone in any setting it is placed in. Tilamook will hit the best of two different worlds: style and comfort. It is perfect for a space wanting to be both stylish and renowned in nature. These are all fantastic options when you need to show a healing, yet blissful environment.

Realistic wood visuals in vinyl flooring as usually hard to come by, but Anchorage, Sonoma, and Coronado are striking in their wooden like appearances. Peer into the rustic eye of Coronado and see the authenticity and sincerity it radiates. For something with a more silent appeal, look at Anchorage. Its tranquil nature will reflect contentment in any space. Also, looking at Sonoma, you’ll find yourself lost in its deep forest aesthetic. Hardwood floors are good for a “Home Sweet Home” feeling, and with these colors, you’ll get that feeling along with toughness of vinyl flooring.


Mohawk Defined Style comes with a Full Manufacturers Warranty.

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