Mohawk Defined Luxury

Mohawk Defined Luxury

Mohawk Defined Luxury vinyl floors are engineered to impress. Distinguished by rugged good looks and durability, this collection is well-suited to instill vintage charm or modern looks in nearly all spaces. 14 colors provide ample choice to inspire your new floor design. This canvas spans the dark coffee tones of Defined Beauty Anchorage to the bright tones of Defined Luxury’s Tillamook.

Whatever the choice, a full manufacturer’s warranty from Mohawk flooring adds reassurance that you’ve chosen wisely. A unique profile includes an uncommon width to create stunning lines in rooms of various sizes.

Is this collection right for you? From design ideas to installation questions, please call us at 510-698-5142.


Fourteen colors with the common feature of hardwood looks. As a wood-look vinyl, Mohawk’s Defined Beauty offers all the looks with less fuss. Luxury Sonoma is an example rife with grain patterns found in oak trees. The four-foot-long planks masterfully capture the striations and effects that nature creates over time. On a similar theme, Mixtress has a weathered look, much like barnwood, that complements wood furniture and dark leathers.

Neutral colors are also well-represented. For instance, the cloudy gray of Defined Luxury Mendocino creates balance with fabrics of nearly any color. White drapes and dark cabinets are examples of how this charming color can be utilized. Meanwhile, Luxury Chantily is a brighter shade of gray for added versatility. Rooms with sun exposure are a particularly good choice to install this color.

Anchoring the light end of the spectrum is the dreamy Marzipan. This faux hardwood vinyl-floor’s tannish planks are ideal for kitchens and bathrooms. Resistant to moisture damage, the waterproof Defined Beauty lineup adds peace of mind to accident-prone rooms. The radiant Coronado is also an option for bathroom and kitchen floors.

A room’s light exposure, décor and foot traffic may all factor into your decision. We’re happy to advise on what considerations most apply to your install.


7 ¼” x 48”

Unique width gives the wood-look vinyl planks a distinctive profile. A wider design allows the grain patterns to be more visible and realistic. Each groove and alternating shade are apparent. The 4-foot length further enhances this aesthetic. Consider such design specs for wide but shallow rooms. Doing so adds depth perception and character.

20 mil thickness is acceptable for second floor rooms as well. Vinyl has noise dampening qualities and the mid-range thickness bolsters this benefit.

Floating installation. This is a time-efficient option suitable for home or business projects. Quality Flooring4 Less is available to answer questions and suggest best practices to install new vinyl flooring for residential or commercial projects.


Full manufacturer’s warranty from Mohawk. As further protection, our team suggests using adhesives, moldings and underlays from the manufacturer. Cleaning is simple and quick. Soft bristle mops and brooms are typically all that is needed.

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