Mohawk Defined Beauty

Mohawk Defined Beauty

Mohawk Defined Beauty claims to be exactly what it is: the definition of beautiful LVT vinyl flooring. It is arranged with a wide range of differing shades and colors for the purpose of customization and ultimate styling choice. Coming in a size that fits just right, it can fit any space seamlessly. Thus, adding to the appeal of any distinctive environment. This gorgeous and well- constructed selection can fit any design plan and is noted for its toughness against damaging blows. It has resistances that will prevent dents, stains, and pesky scratches. With this option, you won’t need to worry about heavy foot traffic areas or the movement of large appliances in your business space. Also, its perfect for any family environments. Made with consideration and using natural minerals, its safe for children and pets. This series is created with the customer in mind, giving you more satisfaction in style, and more peace of mind.

Mohawk Defined Beauty comes in fourteen different colors, each saying something individualistic about the room they are in. These colors are made available for design capability and stylizing versatility, creating the widest amount of options for you and your business. Another advantage that comes with this selection is its precisely crafted sizing. Each plank is 7.25 inches in width by 48 inches in length, with a thickness of 5.5mm/12 mils Rigid (48” x 7.25” x 5.5mm/12mils), meaning its made to fit any scene or scenario you want to convey with your preferred appearance. Enabling you to develop your designing insights and get creative with how you want it utilized. This flooring also comes with the sturdiness needed to handle immense wear and tear. It is waterproof, scratch and dent resistant, as well as stain resistant. This is ideal for busy businesses because it will withstand the pressure and maintain its clean, polished appearance. When it comes to cleaning maintenance, the occasionally mopping and sweeping will help give it that stark appearance even more of a gleam. This series is made with Uniclic Technology, quickening the installation process and making it easy for the install professionals. This flooring is crafted to fit every desire you might have and meet any need for an above satisfactory overall process.


Mohawk Defined Beauty comes in various colors and shades that optimize your ability to create the space you need for your business. This optimal design capability is just what you’ll want when the time comes to choosing creative plan to follow.

These colors range from the rustic, wood like appearance of Anchorage, Coronado, and Sonoma to the light grays and silvers of Chantily, Stone Forest, and Marzipan. Gaze deeply into the dark oak appeal of Sonoma and you’ll feel as though you’re in a log cabin, deep in the woods.

If you want something that conveys beauty and strength, look at Stone Forest. This depth of gray will instill a feeling of protection and safety in whoever enters your space. If you want a clean, pure looking floor, Chantily is what you’re looking for. Its simplicity and elegance will signify dignity and trustworthiness in your visitors.

Marzipan is also a wonderful shade to think about when wanting a fresh and casual appeal. This color radiates joy and peace, while its demeanor will be friendly and kind. Personability might be something you’re looking for in a floor. This is where Coronado steps in. Its comforting glow and hardwood appeal will speak of sincerity and wholesomeness.


Mohawk Defined Beauty comes with a six year light commercial warranty.

No matter what coloring option you choose to go with, Mohawk Defined Beauty is a great choice. Its durability, strength, variety in coloring, unique sizing and maintenance advantages surpass any other series on the market. When you choose this series, you’re adding to a prosperous future.

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