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Mohawk Crest Haven

Mohawk Crest Haven

Mohawk Crest Haven is a laminate flooring option that excels when it comes to modern style, design customization, and durability. It is made specifically to fit every need a homeowner may have while retaining its illuminating beauty and visually striking hardwood appearance. This series is Revwood, a special line of flooring made to emit an authentic wooden appeal. Each plank will bring an alluring vibe to any space it is located, creating a home that speaks to every guest.

This selection comes in a handful of gorgeous, vibrant colors. Each individual tone, made to be separate in nature, says something profoundly unique. These colors will enable you to customize your space however you would like. Similarly, the sizing will also add to your customization ability because every plank is crafted to be a precise, standardized size. This size will seamlessly fit into any kitchen, bathroom, office, or room you wish it to be placed. Along with these two conveniences, this flooring is as tough as they come. Strength and fortification can be the most important feature in a floor and this series does not disappoint.


This series comes with a warranty that will give the homeowner peace of mind. It is an excellent limited lifetime residential warranty that is perfect to suit any home. As for commercial settings, it has a warranty of 5 years, keeping you protected for longer than most other warranties.

Durability was a huge consideration when putting together this selection. It will not accumulate scratches, dents, or breaks. Also, it can handle liquid spills better than most flooring options. If you are wanting a floor that is everything you need: formidable, resilient, reliable, versatile, and beautiful, this is the series you should consider carefully- and I didn't mention the most important, affordable!

Along with this, when you select his option, you will have ultimate durability on your side. You will be able to move heavy appliances, have high foot traffic, and let pets roam free throughout you home with not a care in the world. These planks are strong enough to prevent scratches, scuffs, and other damages that other collections would not be able to. Another special feature of this series is its waterproof and stain resistant technology. With the utmost advanced tech, it will not allow your floor to accumulate stains or water damage. Yet another great feature this series will provide you is a floating installation process. When this series is installed in your home, it will be by floating method, which provides ease and speed to the process. This series, and the features it comes with, truly give you an option that is tough, elegant, and flexible.

Mohawk Crest Haven shows homeowners that they should not have to choose between style, design option, and visual appeal. With the color, diversity, and size of each plank, it is the premier option on the market today. It comes in five distinctive shades and colors that each display something different than the other. As a result, you will have every option available to you when selecting a design plan. Furthermore, it is created in a standard, customary one size fits all dimension. Each plank is 54 inches in length, 7.5 inches in width, and 12 millimeters in thickness. (54" x 7.5" x 12mm). This size adds possibilities to your styling because it can be placed in any area in your home.


Mohawk Crest Haven comes in five individualized colors, each portraying something completely unique.

Briarwood Oak is a very temperamental, textured color that gives any room balance. With its mix of light brown contrasted with the dark brown on each plank, this color provides a steady consistency and reliability. It conveys a style that boasts of perseverance and tenacity.

Prairie House Oak is a perfect mix of redness and brown that provides any space with a flare. Its fire like appeal and nature wood texture truly make it feel as though you are lost in a redwood forest. If you are looking for something unique and eye catching, try this shade.

Haven Summit is the sleekest, most contemporary of the colors in this series. It is confidence and charismatic, while also retaining the worn appeal of a traditional hardwood floor. Each room you place this color in will tell any visitors of your hard work and dedication.

Wine Barrel Oak appears as a more traditional brown, barrel colored option. Do not sell this color short though, it is as stylish as they come. With its warm shade and smooth texture, it is fantastic for a home that needs light and warmth.

Wrought Iron Oak is the darkest of the colors and gives a modernized hardwood vibe. It is great for any home needing a feeling of protection and peace.

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