Mohawk Coastal Couture

Mohawk Coastal Couture
The Coastal Couture collection by Mohawk floors brings the natural aesthetics of the oak species to hardwood flooring planks. The collection consist of hardwood flooring with a contemporary look complemented by high color variations and light finishes. Each color is reminiscent of the design and construction found in quaint seaside cottages. Transport yourself to the sandy beaches of the eastern seaboard with this enchanting collection. With a Janka hardness rating of 1290 and a limited lifetime warranty, your Coastal Couture hardwood floors will continue to be pristine and bright for decades to come.

Planks in this collection come in 7-inch wide and 9/16 inch thick dimensions. There are many benefits to having wider planks. Wider planks offer you easier maintenance as well as enhanced spatial depth in your home. Planks can be installed using the glue, staple, nail, or float installation method. This makes the installation process quick and easy because you can choose the installation process that will make the most sense for you and your space.

Coastal Couture, unlike many of its solid counterparts and contemporaries, is engineered in its construction. Rather than being solid wood all the way through, these planks come equipped with a top layer of real oak hardwood set atop a layer of high-density fiberboard (HDF). This provides the planks with better moisture resistance and structural stability. Due to the attributes found in engineered hardwood flooring, you can install Coastal Couture in areas where solid wood experiences issues, such as basements, kitchens, and homes with split-level floor plans. While solid hardwood should only be installed at or above grade, Coastal Couture works just fine below the ground level.

The Collection

Mohawk Coastal Couture's six colors are light, soft shades designed to bring a cozy, inviting appearance to your home's interior décor. The collection colors do an excellent job of boldly projecting the natural grain patterns, knot holes, swirls, and linear streaking found in the oak species for a very versatile floor that works well in a variety of motifs. Styles in this collection would do well in home decor ranging from traditional to modern. Compass is a beautiful mid-level grey reminiscent of old-style sailing ships with its dusty weather-worn patina. The light, foamy patterns atop the grey undertones greatly complement natural sunlight glistening off an ocean view.

For a lighter grey tone, consider going with the greyish beige off-white blends of Seaspray. We recommend using this shade in foyers and front living areas with high ceilings. It's also good for drawing in natural light just like the darker greys found in the Compass option.

Nautical and Beachwood are both light, dusty browns, with the former being the slightly darker of the two shades. These intermediate tones are extremely versatile in terms of décor pairings. Match these colors with off-white furnishings for a lighter transition or pair them with black couches, cabinets, and tables for maximum contrast.

Coastline is a slightly brighter brown than its similar shades in the Coastal Couture collection. It's great for living rooms, dining rooms, and dens. White Cap is very close in tones, only with slightly more pronounced graining, knot holes, and visual texture. Alternating plank colors, if done properly, can enhance the color variation of your floor without coming across as too bold, loud, or funky. If you're curious about attempting this, we recommend using the Nautical and Beachwood options. For hallways, you could even try a herringbone layout; the Seaspray color looks great when it is installed this way.

If you’re interested in ordering a flooring option from this collection give us a call at (510) 698-5142. We’re happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have when it comes to flooring. To check out more collections from Mohawk take a look at them here.

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