Mohawk Clarett

Mohawk Clarett
Mohawk Clarett hardwood flooring brings antique style to modern interior design in homes or offices. The understated beauty of this oak floor collection add classic charm to rooms of all themes and dimensions.

A medium to high color variance adds accents and textures in each panel. Much like an oak forest, you will enjoy unique reflections and highlights based on where the floors are installed. Sun splashed rooms will bring out the etching and grain of darker or lighter shades alike. Meanwhile, rooms with less sun exposure can be brightened with neutral or brighter colors of hardwood.

You can choose from 4 colors that range from dark to light based on the desired effect. Whatever the hardwood floor’s color, a ½” thickness and 7” width add peace of mind for years to come. Backed a manufacturer’s warranty from Mohawk, you can rest easy knowing that the lovely finish will endure heavy foot traffic.

The versatility of this collection extends to flooring installation. Contractors can choose from staple, nail, glue or float installations. This ensures a proper fit based on each client’s situation.

Clarett Graphite Oak WEK18-08 adds a luxurious feel to rooms of all sizes. The dark panels are ideal for home offices, dens and living rooms. Darker shades of hardwoods set the ambience in rooms with antique décor and fine upholstery. You could also turn to Walnut Oak to achieve a similar effect with a slightly lighter tone.

For a more neutral floor color; consider Clarett Cognac Oak WEK18-55. The lighter shades brighten spaces and reveal the clean lines that separate each panel. Modern kitchens and open concept floor plans are well suited for this radiant selection. To create a striking contrast; you may choose Chateau Oak for bedrooms that transition from the lighter shades of hallways.

Questions or ready to order? Please call us to learn more about Mohawk Clarett hardwood flooring. Our staff is happy to assist you from start to finish.
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