Mohawk City Vogue

Mohawk City Vogue
The Mohawk City Vogue collection combines the beauty of natural hardwood floors with technology that is designed to keep your floors protected from everyday wear and tear. TecWood technology makes for floors that are extremely durable and easy to maintain in the long-term. The TecWood core planks are 40% more resistant than traditional hardwood flooring. That means that these floors are extra resistant to scratches and dents, keeping your floors in great shape for years to come. With ultra-low gloss floors that have built-in stain protection from Mohawk’s TruFinish technology.

This collection is made from engineered oak. There are many benefits to choosing oak hardwood flooring. Firstly, oak is incredibly dense, making it more resistant to scratching and denting. When it comes to issues with shrinking and expanding, oak doesn’t shrink or expand as much as other wood species. As the flooring in this collection is moisture resistant and engineered hardwood, these floors are extra resistant to shrinking or expanding.

The Mohawk City Vogue collection can be installed in a variety of ways. Floors can be glued, stapled, or nailed into place. The float method can be used as well to install these floors.

The collection comes with a fifty year residential hardwood warranty as well as a five year light commercial warranty.

The Collection

The Mohawk City Vogue collection is made up of five stunning oak hardwood flooring options to choose from. Los Angeles Oak is the darkest color option in the collection. This bold, dark, chocolatey brown add an air of sophistication to any space. This floor is perfect for a den or home office space. Chicago Oak is a beautiful blend of light browns, medium browns, and grey hues. This floor adds a warm and rustic feel to a space. Miami Oak is a soothing blend of light greys and blonde hues. This calming hardwood floor is perfect for an open space that gets lots of light such as a bedroom or living room area. Seattle Oak is another light flooring option. This blonde floor has a textured appearance to it that gives it a slightly worn appearance. Aspen Oak is a blend of grey and blonde hues, making for a floor that is soothing yet unique in design and makes a statement. This is the perfect flooring option for those looking for a lighter floor that has a lot of character to it. Although the collection only comes in five different color choices, the choices available are diverse and unique, offering flooring that will look stunning in any space.

For more hardwood flooring options from Mohawk, check out more collections here. If you have any questions or would like to order flooring today, give us a call at 510-698-5142!

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