Mohawk Canyon Lodge

Mohawk Canyon Lodge

Mohawk Canyon Lodge hardwood brings seclusion, privacy, and tradition to contemporary hardwood fashion and specializes in maintaining a classy log cabin appeal. It is stylish, modern, and comes with an array of useful features. It comes in a handful of colors, all saying something distinct and different than the last. These colors are used to provide you with the most styling options available, so you have the ultimate, on-trend atmosphere you might desire. The sizing of each piece is also something to consider, as it is designed to fit any room, office, or business it resides in. This will enhance your ability to customize the floor to fit your needs.

Crafted with expertise, this hardwood is also exceptionally durable and capable of handling top level wear and tear. It will not accumulate scratches or stains, and many have recognized it as a top-tier option when it comes to toughness. Another unique feature of this collection is how it can be installed in multiple ways, so you can choose exactly how and where you want it. This series is ideal for those seeking a hardwood flooring that will stand the test of time and remain striking in a visual sense. With this series as your flooring, you will be choosing ultimate durability, timeless beauty, and overall convenience.

Mohawk Canyon Lodge is a prime option for residential or even commercial wanting to provide their space with modern elegance and strengthened fortitude. This series truly gives you the best of both worlds. It comes in seven different shades, tones, and colors, each saying something individualized in nature and unique in aesthetic. These colors are made to provide you with ultimate customization, so you will not be hindered by lack of fashionable options. Another incredible feature is the sizing variety. Each plank comes in a standard width of 6.5 inches and a thickness of 3/8 inches. (6.5” x 3/8”). This is the premium size for a hardwood flooring option, that won’t let you down in the durability department. Its ability to withstand high foot traffic areas is something that other floors can’t handle or offer. You will be able to move any appliances to their desired locations without worry of ruining your floor. A sink can also be installed, as it avoids water stains. Like the versatility of the flooring itself, the installation methods also present plenty of freedom. It can be installed with staple, glue, float, or nail, which is perfect for unprecedented choice and preference. This will make it easier for you, as well as your flooring installation professional, to choose the method right for you. This series was created with durability, class, and elegance in mind, making it the premier option for hardwood on the market today.

Mohawk Canyon Lodge is made for customization, thus providing you with seven gorgeous colors to choose from. Burlap is obviously the most diverse of the bunch with its much lighter shade. Delve into its light caramel tone and enjoy the comfort of a home made to be cozy. This shade gives the vibe of reliability and purity. It is ideal for those wanting something friendly and trustworthy. Golden is much darker than the previous shade, but still radiates the same dependable nature. It is coupled with a medium brown that mixes in between the dark, giving it a golden appearance. It is perfect for a home wanting an atmosphere that is both calming and private. Fossil is the shade that gleams the most and looks astounding upon arrival and never stops. It is the color that tells guests that you are contemporary and sleek. Its trendiness is magnified by its textured tone and slowly aging appearance. Espresso fits the name of this shade perfectly. It gets you up and going and does not slow down. This shade is great for families that live an active lifestyle.


This series comes with an impressive warranty. It is a Residential Warranty that lasts 50 years and a light commercial warranty lasting 5 years.

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