Mohawk Beaubridge

Mohawk Beaubridge Arctic White Tile Flooring

Mohawk Beaubridge tile flooring replicates the aesthetics of natural stone and blends it with subtle linear and textile overtones for a smooth, defined, textured floor practically indistinguishable from the real thing. Since Beaubridge is classified as porcelain and therefore has a very low water absorption rate, these tiles can be installed anywhere indoors and outside, as it is nearly immune to freeze/thaw cycling. Thanks to Reveal Imaging® technology, Beaubridge has the benefits of both enhanced realism and texture that can provide extra grip in slippery environments. Offered in 12" x 24" floor tiles and two mosaic options (3" x 3" and 12" x 3"), the natural stone replications offered in this collection can match a variety of different décor styles that range from the modern to the traditional.

Mohawk offers this flooring line in four colors. One is a very charcoal dark while the remaining three are varying degrees of off-grey good at reflecting natural light, especially in rooms with expansive cathedral-style ceilings. Arctic White and Navajo Beige are the lightest of the color options. The linear patterns of vein-cut natural stone are accentuated by the brightness these shades provide, and you'll effortlessly create a lasting first impression on your houseguests with these floors. Smokey Grey, in contrast, is the darkest option; this is a great fit for modern décor schemes and accenting white leather furnishings. For a subtler, more intermediate color, consider going with the soft patina of Cool Grey.

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